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Increasing Evidence For More And Higher Quality Protein To Enhance Weight Loss

The recommendations for protein from government organizations is 0.8 g per kilogram body weight. Importantly, this is based on the amount needed to maintain nitrogen balance; it is not necessarily the optimal amount. A recent eloquent review in the December issue of the Journal of the American College of Nutrition discusses the recent evidence supporting higher protein intakes to enhance weight loss and body composition. Doubling the RDA to protein levels of 1.5 g per kilogram prevents loss of lean body mass during weight loss. Higher protein intakes are also associated with increased thermogenesis such that more calories are burned from eating the same amount of calories. Higher protein intakes increase satiety so you feel less hungry and eat less. The studies discussed in this review clearly indicate that increasing protein has multiple beneficial outcomes related to healthy weight loss. One aspect emphasized was that protein should be consumed regularly throughout the day, at least every 5 hours. Breakfast is critical because it is the first meal following an overnight fast and therefore should contain at least 30 g of high quality protein. If you do not have time to cook eggs, this is a perfect time to incorporate one of the many protein supplements from ProSource like a Nytrowhey Extreme shake or a handful of Mega BCAA capsules.

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