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In Search of Power, Part 3
As we go forward in the next stage of our preliminary DMC training session from parts 1 and parts 2 of " In Search of Power", it is very obvious to users how this program points out weaknesses in lower body, core strength as well as lack of appropriate balance between upper and lower body strength. This in itself is one of the most important points I can make within athletic training, whereby far too much focus is spent on developing the upper body as opposed to looking at overall body development with the lower extremities as the basis. We'll continue with this further but the point is that most training develops an individual as an inverted triangle (aka "the dreidel" complex) whereas it should be precisely the opposite.

Once you are comfortable with part 1 and have added part 2, the next step in your pre-development phase of DMC is to take it up a notch. Part 3 of " In Search of Power" is a considerable jump ahead and we'll follow with part 4 of the DMC training session with "traditional" resistance work to shore up weak-spots. For those following this regime, first go through part 2 of the series and then use the following program. Holds should be a strict thirty-seconds each with the total workout lasting roughly thirty minutes.

o Rx, position 2 (l)

o Rx, position 3(l)

o Rx, position 4(l)

repeat Rx position 2, eccentrically lower to squat position on haunches (Rx 5)

Rx 5

Rx 6, return to Rx5, stand upright and repeat to opposite side.

After completing both legs, from Rx 5, immediately move into Table circuit (referred to as "intro table circuit")

Section 1


Table, leg up

Table, let under

Section 2 of "Intro Table Circuit"
- repeat table,
- move to "Table, let up" and move into:

Table rotation leg reverse

Return back to table position, walk hands forward as you are into Rx5 and Plank, Side Plank, Horse, Superman and Squirrel postural holds from "In Search of Power, part 1"

Remember the key to this problem is maintaining good body position and ensuring that focus is maintained throughout. Amongst the many weaknesses I have noticed in putting individuals through this session is a tendency to underestimate the demands of a rigorous thirty-minute session and "tap-out" quickly. Never be vanquished!