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In Search of Power, Part 2
Within " In Search of Power, Part 1" I introduced a plan to improve strength and power, targeting the posterior chain via the use of basic static holds found in the preliminary work of my DMC system. In many ways the basic notion of this training system revolves around poor movement patterns and key structural problems that the overwhelming majority of the public is plagued with and results in the inability to maintain proper posture under duress. Running parallel to the nine-stage DMC system that I introduced in my book on middle-aged fitness "With Grace", is another new system of mine, RED2.

RED2 will merge into DMC in the intermediate phase as the tempo and syncopation changes from slow, static holds to a rapidly changing dance-based environment. The upper stages of the program are some of the most challenging I have ever developed but like all things, a foundation must be built first before progressing. I have taught this program to a series of top-flight accredited fitness professionals who maintain that this is an enormously far-reaching program that will provide benefit for the elite athlete as well as to the everyday individual.

In the introduction of the RED2 system, the obvious difference from DMC is that it is simply an upright program with key emphasis once again on strength of the posterior chain although with extensive demands on flexibility and overall body control. However as you look deeper into the movements you'll notice that once again it places enormous demands on the posterior chain, with heightened focus on glutes and hip flexibility. When performing this program, it is crucial to do the movements correctly, with particular emphasis on "stepping-out" when lunging (as opposed to sliding), and stressing the ability to maintain perfect body position whilst under duress. Per my experience, transition from movements from position five through six are extremely challenging with flexibility as the incumbent needs to powerfully straighten the lead leg and then generate power in a controlled fashion to rise into the final position.

For those following the DMC, you have quickly noticed how "focus" needs to be intense through the long holds to avoid "mental failure." This is equally the issue with the RED2 system as mental focus must not waiver through the holds and total foot control must be stressed. Those with background using the Rx Squat series will have a solid head start on the following developmental series. I would suggest all readers begin to make use of the following preliminary development program plan a minimum of five times per week at the start of training, in conjunction with my yoga series "Pink" and the program found in part 1 of this article series.

Users should make sure they are wearing comfortable clothing, with good supportive footwear and in a relaxed, peaceful setting in which they can devote complete attention to the program. In the event the holds are too long to start, roll them back to a 15 second start and repeat the circuit twice. When performed properly this will take roughly sixteen minutes. Each circuit starts with 30 second holds of the following positions and performed equally forwards AND backwards in alternating fashion:

figure 1: Rx 1

figure 2: Rx 2

figure 2: fwd lunge

figure 3: fwd lunge (ss)

figure 4: fwd lunge (ws)

figure 5: fwd lunge reach

figure 6: standing lunge

figure 7: T

Follow this program with diligence and you'll notice your power and muscular gains will come with ease.