The Item: IFBB Pro League News, Contest Schedule, Andrew Oye's IFBB Pro Athletes Roundup

The Scoop: Just Announced: In conjunction with the IFBB Pro League, the BodyPower Expo will host the first-ever IFBB-sanctioned BodyPower Pro Bodybuilding Championships in May 2014. While it has featured amateur bodybuilding competitions for five strong years, the 6th Annual BodyPower Expo ups the excitement when pro competitors go center stage at the UK's top three-day sports, fitness and nutrition festival.

The "So What?": "Bodybuilding has always been big in the UK," says IFBB Professional League president Jim Manion. "There has been a long history of great champions competing in England and next year the IFBB is proud to keep that tradition alive with the BodyPower Pro." Bolstering the IFBB Pro Olympia Qualification Series Point System for Olympia Weekend, the BodyPower Pro contest will feature the 212 division, yet, top Open Division IFBB Pro League athletes will guest-pose over the weekend.

Reportedly, the BodyPower Pro will be the only professional bodybuilding contest staged in the United Kingdom (home of 6-time Mr. Olympia IFBB Pro Dorian Yates and Olympia 212 Showdown Champion IFBB Pro Flex Lewis) next year. Apparently, this replaces the long-standing British Grand Prix Championships (which was absent from the 2013 schedule and has been won previously by my IFBB Pro Athletes Roundup regulars like 8-time Mr. Olympia IFBB Pro Ronnie Coleman, IFBB Pro Jay Cutler, IFBB Pro Dexter Jackson, IFBB Pro Lee Labrada, IFBB Pro Kevin Levrone, IFBB Pro Branch Warren, and IFBB Pro Shawn Rhoden, among others).

Andrew Oye's Verdict: We are witnessing the international explosion of the IFBB Pro League calendar of events as reported in "Andrew Oye's Pro-Muscle Report," with the following additions: China, Finland, Czech Republic, India, as well as Arnold Sports Festival's IFBB Pro Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Bodybuilding Championships in Spain and Brasil, and the just-announced IFBB Slovakia Pro Bodybuilding Championships.

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