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Iceman On The Hot Seat

Iceman On The Hot Seat
MMA Legend Chuck Liddell Talks Comeback,
Training, And His New Supplement Line

Years from now, MMA fans may argue about who was the best fighter every to step into the Octagon, but there will be no disagreement at all about who was the toughest. Nobody "out-toughs" The Iceman. Famed for his trademark intimidating glare and savage striking style, Chuck Liddell has built himself a sterling reputation for triumphing over adversity.

To cite just one of many examples, Liddell tore his MCL before his much-anticipated  rematch against arch-enemy Tito Ortiz. In football, when a gladiator of the gridiron tears an MCL, an electric cart appears and carries him off the field.

What did Chuck do? He kept his severe injury a secret, pulled on his gloves, and marched into the Octagon. In the midst of that fight, he popped a tendon in his left hand. Again, he fought on, routing Ortiz in a landmark bout that put the UFC on the big-time sports map.

Today, newly inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame and known to even non-UFC fans due to stints on popular TV fare like Entourage and Dancing With The Stars, Liddell still looks lean and mean, ready to size up an opponent with contempt and issue a beatdown. Indeed, if you take one look at UFC legend Chuck Liddell, you see a man still in his utmost physical prime. Recently, we sat back and chilled with the Iceman and got some interesting answers to our questions.

ProSource: Chuck, you know we've got to ask. You're generally regarded as the greatest MMA fighter ever. You're in the UFC Hall of Fame. Is there anything left for you to attain in the Octagon? Did you do it all? Or is there one goal you'd still like to achieve?

Chuck Liddell: I have the same fire to compete and win that I've always had. That never goes away. I have never turned down a fight in my life. Fans want to know if I'm coming back. I know that, I hear it every day. The short answer is, if Dana White puts a fight in front of me, I will take it. Whether or not that happens, I don't know yet. I've got a lot of other challenges in front of me.

ProSource: Clearly you could come back if you wanted to. You're in amazing shape. Have you changed your training routine recently? Are you still maintaining a between-fights caliber regimen ?  

Chuck Liddell: Right now I am focused on staying in "fight-shape." Since the Franklin fight I have been working out and traveling all over the world. When I was on the road, I would get in my training however I could. Lots of running, and weights when I could. I was doing seminars in the UK and Ireland so I got in plenty of striking and grappling. Now that I'm back home, I will train at my gym twice a day, 6 days a week.

ProSource: You have your own highly successful line of supplements, Ultimate Iceman Supplements . Can you sum up your philosophy about supplements and achieving athletic goals? How is this philosophy put into practice in your Iceman line?

Chuck Liddell: I have licensed my name to a few companies in the past, but I really didn't have any say in the formulation of the products. I was tired of dealing with companies that were only out for a quick profit. I need to be SURE that what I'm putting in my body is the best. I have been working with Matt Gaines from Shocker Nutrition on my personal supplementation since the start of my career. I consulted with him to help me build the best possible supplement brand that would be a reflection of who I am and how I train.  Eventually, we just figured, if it works for me, it'll work for other athletes. That's what Iceman Supplements are all about. No hype. No false promises. Just quality ingredients.

ProSource: You're also a well-known fan of Supreme Protein .  What is it about Supreme Protein bars that makes them central to your dietary regimen? How have they impacted your physique and performance level?

Chuck Liddell: The protein blend in Supreme Protein is so much better than other bars, there's just no comparison. There's no other bar out there that you can eat and it makes a noticeable difference in your workout performance and strength. Just Supreme Protein. I can eat a Supreme Protein bar, any time of the day, and know that my protein requirements are covered.

ProSource: How important is the taste of the bar to you? Which ones are your top two flavors?

Chuck Liddell: If a bar doesn't taste good, you're not going to eat it. I don't care how good for you it is. With Supreme Protein, I never have that problem. Every flavor is just unbelievably good. You get variety; you get candy-bar taste. What more could you ask for? I like the Caramel Nut Chocolate and the new one, Peanut Butter Pretzel Twist. I eat those just about every day."

ProSource: Over the years, you have gone from a college wrestler to kickboxer to the most famous MMA athlete in history.  What have been your most enjoyable accomplishments so far?

Chuck Liddell: I have to say that getting the UFC Light Heavyweight Belt and beating Randy Couture twice. After I beat him the first time, I immediately started training for a re-match. The first time I beat him for the championship, people said it was a fluke. When I beat him the 2nd time, I made my point. That was an amazing feeling.

ProSource: Okay, Chuck. One more question. If you could give one piece of advice to the untold thousands of kids who are hoping to follow in your footsteps in MMA and the UFC, what would it be? What's the key to success?

Chuck Liddell: I would say that there are no magic shortcuts. We've talked a lot about training and supplements here, but I don't want to give too much credit to any one thing. It's a whole package. It takes a lot of hard work and discipline. No cheating on the diet and no skipping workouts. Know what you want. Work hard. Don't get distracted. Keep your head down and work some more. And then, one day, you'll look up and you'll be there.