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How Can You Store Your Protein
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Anyone who is looking to put on some serious muscle needs about 1-1.5 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass each day. This is why loading up in the morning with some eggs and a shake is a great thing, but unfortunately the body has no significant means of storing this protein. Whatever is not immediately absorbed will likely pass through without having any anabolic effects on the body. Fats and carbs are easily tucked away in stores in the body (fat as adipose tissue and carbs as glycogen in muscle tissue and the liver) making timing of fat and carb intake far less sensitive. Meeting the protein quota can be extremely difficult for some. Sometimes there's just not enough time to eat frequently throughout the day. Leaving long gaps between meals causes your body to be protein-starved for hours at a time which can halt anabolism and even trigger catabolism in the body.

The ability to store protein in the body is virtually non-existent. Unless you are taking in small amounts of protein every half hour, your body is never truly getting the steady supply of complete proteins that it needs to repair and build muscle throughout the day and night.

Of course this protein depletion dilemma could be solved by carrying some grilled chicken with you everywhere you go and munching on it every time your watch alarm goes off. But no one wants to be that guy.

Wouldn't you rather just have a protein shake that doesn't flush through your body so quickly?

Sure, eating 9 meals per day will help you space out your protein intake and improve overall absorption, but for some people that just isn't in the cards. Whether you're working long shifts in the office, or just simply can't find the time to sit down and have a meal or shake, you are likely starving yourself of protein for at least a few hours per day. If this starvation period is immediately after training then you can be especially concerned about getting insufficient protein.

Finally there is a shake to settle your mind and muscles as you toil throughout the day with no accessible source of protein. The Ultimate Casein from BioQuest represents the purest, premium-grade micellar casein on the market. Unlike other Casein products, The Ultimate Casein is fortified with added BCAA's, giving it an amino acid profile similar to whey. This makes casein nearly equivalent to whey in terms of anabolic potential. The difference lies in timing.

A clinical study was performed by Dr. Yves Boirie (MD PhD, Clinical Nutrition Department and Human Nutrition Research Center, Clermont-Ferrand – France) comparing the timed effects of both whey and casein on the fluctuation of leucine levels in the blood. The study showed that whey peaked slightly higher than Casein after one hour, but returned to baseline after four hours. The casein group maintained a solid level of leucine in their blood for seven hours!

Buy Best Casein on Sale
Buy Best Casein on Sale

for a chance to win
this product!
Getting Protein When You Need it The Most!

You might think that high quality protein ingestion is most essential directly after a hard workout. And in many case you would be right, but you cannot ignore the fact that your body spends 8 hours (hopefully!) in a rest and repair state in which all of your muscles are forced to relax so that the body may work on rebuilding the tissues and fibers that have been damaged throughout the day. A serving of whey before bed is a great way to unwind and prepare for your body to begin self-restoration. However, according to the study, standard whey is only going to get you half-way through the night if you're lucky! It's like riding your bike with just one wheel, it doesn't really work.

Casein on the other hand will help you survive the night without letting your body enter a catabolic state. Sleep should be a time to gain muscle, not lose it. Even if your activity level throughout the day wasn't very high, chances are you still did some work on your muscles and chances are your body is going to be looking to repair those muscles when you turn in for the night. So for the serious lifter, and anyone who is looking to pack on some muscle, there is really no reason to starve yourself of protein during the nighttime hours.

Make Casein A Part Of YOUR Routine!

No matter what your specific goal is, everyone should have adequate protein and amino acids in their blood throughout the day and night to allow the body the proper tools to repair and rejuvenate damaged tissues and fibers. The Ultimate Casein is the best way to achieve that. Not only is this the highest quality micellar casein on the market, but it's also the tastiest! Mix up this smooth vanilla or chocolate protein powder and enjoy the delicious milkshake taste and texture. Just try it and you'll see exactly why it can be found in the pantry of any hardcore bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast.

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