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How BIG Can You Get?

How BIG Can You Get?
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Buy MyoZene on Sale

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How big can you get? How much new lean muscle mass can you put on? In how short a time?

In the unprecedented event of the arrival of a new, reinvented formulation of MyoZene, we're going to have to reconsider everything we know about protein supplementation and muscle growth. Because everything we know has changed. So let's get started.

Out With the Old School
Protein consumption supports muscle recovery and hypertrophy. Especially in the interval after heavy resistance training has broken down muscle fibers. Everybody knows that. We've known it forever.

Unfortunately, if you scan the ingredient panel of a typical mass builder, you'd think that's ALL we know about the relationship between protein ingestion and muscle growth. Because what's in those products? Largely undifferentiated amounts of whey isolate, whey concentrate, probably some creatine.

So. Just take a lot of protein, and get big. Right? Wrong.

The key to building lean mass is to ensure that every single gram of protein content you consume is bioactively "weaponized" for immediate and extreme anabolism. That means focusing exclusively on the REAL growth factors in protein, and eliminating every trace of non-essential amino content. A few years ago, BioQuest's flagship mass builder MyoZene revolutionized this science with its ultra-pure, super-potency whey hydrolysate technology. And now MyoZene is going to do it again with a unique and super-advanced leucine-peptide breakthrough. This reformulated and reinvented MyoZene also features a delicious new flavoring system. Truly, an evolutionary leap forward in supplement science is at hand!

MyoZene, Leucine Peptides, and
the Future of Protein Science

Leucine is the most important of the three branched-chain amino acids known as essential aminos. They're essential because our bodies don't manufacture them; we have to acquire them through diet. Researchers have known about leucine for decades, but exciting recent research has shed new light on the cellular activity that enables its muscle-building proficiency. Indeed, much of protein's benefits are attributable specifically to leucine, due to its ability to stimulate protein synthesis, switch on anabolism, and up-regulate insulin production. A series of clinical studies have shown that leucine is one of the major activators of mTOR, the molecular switch that turns on the machinery of hypertrophy.

So leucine has been around forever, right? Well, yes and no. Leucine, it turns out, is remarkably unstable during digestion. Consuming it in the form it commonly manifests in most bodybuilding supplements is not an efficient means of spurring anabolism. Much of free-form leucine breaks down before it ever reaches its cellular target and is excreted. The innovative R&D team at BioQuest has long been aware of this process and has been investigating cutting-edge approaches to leucine supplementation. Now the incorporation of an exciting new leucine delivery mechanism into BioQuest's legendary MyoZene mass builder is poised to unleash previously unimaginable levels of lean mass growth.

Leuvon 590 Leucine Peptides are formulated via a revolutionary patent-pending peptide carrier technology designed to improve the solubility and absorption of bioactives including branched chain amino acids. Leuvon technology allows amino acids to remain soluble and stable, significantly increasing the bioavailability of amino acids, with better efficiency and absorption than free-form aminos.

The Leuvon 590 Leucine Peptides newly incorporated into MyoZene provide up to 4 times the leucine content present in typical mass builders, all of it primed to super-efficiently trigger muscle synthesis through the mTOR pathway. Supplemental leucine has always been essential to switching on anabolism post-workout, and now its capacity for doing so has been significantly up-regulated in the context of this revolutionary and exciting new scientific achievement.

MyoZene Clinical Results Chart

The Power of Leucine, at Clinically
Indicated and Bioactive Dosages

Increased leucine availability is crucial to bodybuilders, as a number of recent clinical studies have confirmed. In a study published in the American Journal of Physiology, healthy men performed resistance exercise with and without leucine supplementation. As expected, resistance exercise alone increased muscle protein synthesis by 41%. But men supplementing with the leucine-rich amino acid mixture showed increases in muscle protein synthesis by 145%. Supplementation also increased key signaling proteins including mTOR in muscle, which turn on protein synthesis.

In another study published in the International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, scientists from the UK and Australia investigated the benefits of daily leucine supplementation combined with 12 weeks of resistance training. In this double-blinded, placebo controlled study, healthy untrained men were given either leucine (50 mg/kilogram bodyweight/day, equaling 4 g/day) or a placebo. The researchers reported that both groups saw similar gains in lean mass and body fat loss. However, those who received leucine during the training period had a 10% greater increase in strength compared to the placebo group.

Buy MyoZene on Sale
Buy MyoZene on Sale

for a chance to win
this product!
A Breakthrough Leucine Techology Linked to An Elite Class of Ultra-Hydrolyzed Proteins
Imagine for a moment that the men in the studies referenced above were also supplementing with original MyoZene, the mass builder that has helped a generation of bodybuilders transform their physiques. The mass-building synergy of these two technologies would seem to have virtually limitless anabolic potential.

Original MyoZene contains a highly specialized whey hydrolysate distinguished by its super-bioavailable source of essential di- and tri-peptides. These unique whey peptides are more rapidly absorbed in the intestine than free-form amino acids, triggering almost immediate protein synthesis, increased insulin response, and substantial improvements in markers of lean mass increase, strength, and even loss of body-fat. How substantial? Let's go back to the labs.

Increases in Muscle, Decreases in
Body Fat and a 32% Increase in Strength

A few years ago, BioQuest made MyoZene available to a reputable independent pharmaceutical research firm in Miami for product-specific clinical testing of MyoZene's transformational efficacy. After the 28-day test was completed and the results presented at the 55th American College of Sports Medicine Annual Conference, a new era in bodybuilding science had begun.

In the study, normal well-experienced weight lifters underwent upper- and lower-body strength testing and body composition analysis, followed by a six-day-per-week split-body-part exercise routine. Within the test's time frame (one month), the MyoZene-receiving subject group experienced averages of 4% increases in lean body mass and 3.8% reductions in body fat. At the same time, they demonstrated gains of 24% in strength/muscular endurance at the mid-study point and 32% at the end of the study. These were results achieved in just 28 days. By the time word of the results of this study reached the general public, serious bodybuilders were already clamoring for MyoZene, and sales skyrocketed from there. Today, MyoZene remains the #1 all-time best-selling mass builder we've ever carried at ProSource.

MyoZene Strength Increase Chart

Four Flavor Sensations Beyond Comparison
When it comes to taste, unparalleled raw material purity and superior processing methods pay big dividends. The light, clean, delicately textured quality of MyoZene's primary whey hydrolysate ingredient is light years beyond that attained by any competing mass-building product.

BioQuest's R&D team takes flavoring very seriously and introducing this new reformulation of MyoZene gave them the opportunity to consult with the industry's premier experts on flavoring systems. The result is a clean, refreshing taste and smooth consistency that make every MyoZene shake a treat to be looked forward to.

MyoZene's Lemonade, Fruit Punch, Orange and delicious new Strawberry Kiwi flavors offer plenty of pleasure for the palate, along with an unrivaled mass-building punch.

How BIG Can You Get?
At last, we return to our original question. How big can you get? Here, uncharacteristically, the BioQuest team of experts has no definitive answer. What they've achieved--linking the two most anabolically transformational mass-building technologies known to bodybuilding science, in perfect synergy--has never been tried before. We're in uncharted territory now.

We know that those athletes given advance batches of the new MyoZene are reporting awe-inspiring results. One such athlete, bodybuilder Chris Jalali gained 30 pounds of muscle. (Check out Chris's amazing before-and-after story by clicking the Check It Out button next to the MyoZene bottle at the top of this article.) Even now, we're receiving further ecstatic testimonials, and we look forward to updating this story as it unfolds.

So. How big can you get?

Won't it be exciting to find out?

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