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Hitting The Big Time

Junior USA light-heavyweight champ Jason Wojciechowski has seen amazing results in the gym with AndroTest.

For Jason Wojciechowski, 2005 has been a breakthrough year. In April, he won the overall title in the North Carolina State Bodybuilding Championships, and followed that a week later by taking the light-heavyweight class of the Junior USAs. However, that may be just the start for this 5' 9", 32-year-old hardgainer, now that he has ProSource's amazing new testosterone-boosting product, AndroTest, in his corner. After the Junior USAs, Jason stepped back in the weight room with an eye on the NPC Nationals this November. For that, he knows he needed to add some quality muscle size. "I competed at 184 pounds; the light-heavy class goes up to 198, so I can come in up to 15 pounds heavier and still fall into the light-heavy category," he explains. "To help do that, I started using AndroTest , and already over the first two weeks I've packed on four pounds of lean mass." For Jason, who started weight training when he was 21 after a stress fracture in his ankle sidetracked his competitive track career, the results were immediate. " I feel stronger, more pumped and much more energetic in the gym," he explains. "My lifts are all up, and I know that's translating to more growth. It's really been unbelievable, like no supplement I've ever tried before." In fact, AndroTest has been so effective, Jason plans to use it year-round, and not just in his mass-gaining phase. "Oh yeah, I'm going to stay on it as I diet -- it's definitely going to help keep me stronger as I lean down. I'll be able to maintain my muscle mass better than if I was just dieting and not taking the AndroTest, no doubt about it!" Currently pursuing his doctorate in immunology at Duke University, Jason's AndroTest-fueled workouts consist of a two-days-on one-off schedule. He hits chest and shoulders on the first day, back on the second, arms third and legs fourth. Every other week he divides his leg training across two days, quads on one and hamstrings and calves on the other. "I train with a lower volume than most bodybuilders, doing 6-8 working sets per body part over 2-3 exercises," he says. "My rep range falls between 7-10 for everything but legs, which average 12-20 reps per set. On most of my sets, I go heavy to failure, which is coming later thanks to the strength increases I'm seeing on AndroTest." While the Massachusetts native admits that he's never had too much trouble dropping body fat, it wasn't until he handed the reins of his diet over to an expert that he finally reached the level needed for victory. "The person who designed my diet put me on a low-fat, moderate carb, moderate protein regimen. The lowest I went in carbs was 120 grams a day, which is higher than most people's carb intakes when they cut up -- I had some buddies who competed who were down to 15-20 grams a day -- but I did really well on it."

In precontest mode, Jason plays it by the book, eating the same meals every day -- chicken, lean ground beef, steak, eggs and protein powder for protein, and oatmeal, white rice, brown rice, vegetables, baked potatoes and sweet potatoes for his carbs. Cardio, which is kept to a minimum in the off-season due to Jason's fast metabolism, is revved up to 4-5 days a week for 45 minutes on the treadmill precontest.

All told, between his training, cardio, diet and a supplementation program built around AndroTest, Jason feels as if he's finally cooked up a perfect recipe for success. "I hope to come into the Nationals at 190, and the AndroTest has certainly helped with that," he says. "I'm confident that I'm well on my way to reaching my bodybuilding goals."