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Hit the Floor Ready For More!

Hit the Floor Ready For More!
Before I changed careers, and became a strength coach, I had an office job. I spent eight to ten hours per day staring at a computer screen and writing reports. I'm not complaining--it was a steady job that did wonderful things for my bank account. But as a result I ended up a hunched over, Quasimodo-esque figure and my lifting warm-ups took forever. I also had aches in my back and shoulders--it felt like I was half-way through a football season!

To keep myself on the right end of the injury continuum, and to boost my gym productivity, I started a ritual mobility program that I did every day before I left the office. After a week or so, I noticed that my aches and pains went away, and my warm-ups at the gym were significantly faster. My end of day mobility routine was the nitro booster that took my training to the next level.

Below I've outlined for you my office mobility routine 2.0. It's full of mobilization and activation exercises targeted to prep your body for the gym before you leave the office. We'll start with the ankles and feet and work our way up to the shoulders and neck.

By the way, the office is a also a great place to mix up and take any pre-workout supplement you'll be needing to enhance your performance once you get to the gym. Mix up and drink a high-performance pre-workout formula like BioQuest's Alpha Fury or ProSource's SynthaTrex Xtreme a half hour before you hit the floor and you'll be feeling that muscle pump, increased vascularity, and maximized intensity right on time!

While it may look like a lot, this routine should take between five to ten minutes to complete.
  1. Foot Release: Bring a tennis ball, lacrosse ball or baseball with you to work and keep it in your desk. While seated at your desk, slip off your shoes and roll the bottoms of your feet with the ball. Put pressure onto the ball and roll each foot for fifteen to thirty seconds.

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  2. Wall Ankle Mobilization: Keep your shoes off and head to the side of your desk. Face your desk and align one foot so the toes of that foot are touching the desk. Position your other foot six to twelve inches behind you. Keep the heel of the foot that's touching the desk in contact with the ground and then touch your knee to the desk. Now, slide that foot back a few inches and repeat--be sure to keep your heel down. Work back to the point where your knee touches the desk and you can still keep your heel on the ground. Hit ten reps in that position and then repeat the process on your other leg.

  3. Active Hip Flexor Stretch: Kneel beside your desk with one knee on the ground and the opposite foot positioned in front of you. From this position, squeeze the glutes of the leg you're kneeling on and push your hips forward slightly. Be sure to keep your glute contracted and repeat the process ten times--holding the stretch position for two seconds. Switch legs and repeat

  4. Butt Squeezes: Stand up and squeeze your butt! Hold each squeeze for ten to fifteen seconds and complete ten squeezes.

  5. Thoracic Spine Mobilization: Place your elbows on either your desk or the back of your chair. To do this, you'll have to bend your knees and hips at least slightly. Now push your hips away from your desk and, while keeping your elbows bent, reach your hands behind your head. You should feel a good stretch in your lats, and potentially, in your lower-back. Repeat ten times.

  6. Thumb Rotations: Stand tall and with good posture--holding your arms at your sides with your thumbs pointed forward. Rotate your thumbs so that they are facing laterally away from your body while squeezing the muscles of your upper-back and standing taller. Hold this position for two seconds before returning to the starting position. Repeat ten times.

  7. Chin Tucks: While standing, and maintaining good posture, reach your chin forward and then pull it back to the tucked position--think double chin. Repeat ten times--squeezing in the tucked position for two seconds.
Use this mobility program every day before you leave the office and your gym productivity will sky rocket. Not only will you feel like a million bucks, but you'll spend less time preparing your body to work at the gym. You'll be ready when you get there.

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