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Higher Calcium Intake Related To Lower Body Weight And Body Fat

There has been widespread publicity in respect to the potential of calcium and dairy products and their association with body fat. This study examines the relations between body weight, body fat, and dietary calcium intakes in over 100 healthy women who were participating in a two-year study. Measurements were taken at several time points over the 2 years. At any given testing time point, results indicated that women who consumed higher levels of calcium had lower body weight and body fat and those who consumed lower calcium levels had higher body weight and body fat. Also, the women who increased calcium over time had decreased body weight and body fat. These results are consistent with other studies showing that higher calcium intakes reduce weight and fat. Adequate calcium is an important part of a weight loss diet, which is of particular concern for those who avoid dairy products.

Illich JZ, et al. A two-year follow-up in postmenopausal women reveals lower body weight and fat with higher calcium intake. Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, Washington D.C., April, 2004. Abstract #374.1.