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Have Faith In Your Metabolism
Around the world there are small vibrating earthquakes surrounding millions of fitness facilities that have enough cardio equipment to cure the international obesity crisis ... at least one would assume. Minutes turn into hours, hours turn into days, and days eventually turn into years that have been accumulated pounding on treadmills or any other piece of machinery we adopt as our fat-burning buddy. But the majority of the time dieters are left scratching their heads or stressing that the time invested in exercise is taking its toll on the rest of their busy and hectic lifestyle. People fail to realize that the body can act as your best friend against breaking the barriers of fat accumulation only if they had a little faith in the body that they house and head that they control.

Through trial and error, most of us have experienced the one or two hours per day customary procedure of conducting cardiovascular exercise to lose the extra pounds that are hugging our physique like a long lost friend, but if we only had a little more faith in our own bodies' thermogenic properties, then we could slash the above time on the treadmill in half.

Food can sometimes rear its ugly head as being our worst enemy if we allow it, but it can also work as our ally against destroying fat cells. Every time we consume food the body temperature raises to help digest nutrients much like a kettle element heats up to warm its surrounding water. In order for a kettle element to heat up, it requires energy from an energy source, in this case electricity. The same can be said for the human body, in order for the body to heat in order to digest food it must locate stored energy, in this case calorie dense fat cells. Every time we eat a portion of food we burn fat as an energy source to digest it. Now if you provide your body with foods that are lower in calories than your daily expenditure, you will lose fat, simple! Option 1 (the hard way) is to increase cardiovascular activity to momentarily burn fat stores as a requirement of energy. Option 2 (the easier way) is to allow your nutrition to increase the rate that calories are burnt throughout the entire day.

If you have made the simple decision to go with option two, here is how I outline your schedule for the day: First of all almost everyone advocates conducting cardio in the morning before breakfast. From personal experience and from practical knowledge of working with 1000's of clients in the past, conducting cardiovascular exercise before breakfast only seems to increase the likelihood of calories being stored as fat. When a person sleeps the metabolism is at its all time lowest, if you continue to do cardiovascular exercise fasting on an empty stomach when the body is screaming for food it will gorge itself on the available calories at its first meal. The body will hold onto many of the calories in its energy stores (fat deposits) fearing it will need to call on them if you should go another nine or so hours without food (it has no idea that food is readily available).

Following the average eight hour sleep my recommendation is to eat as soon as humanly possible. The metabolism has slowed right down at this time due to the eight hour fast so your priority is to speed it up immediately in order for it to work at a faster pace when you conduct your following cardio. If you give an adequate time frame of around 30mins for your food to digest, your metabolism should be increasing at such a rate that you will only need to conduct a minimal amount of cardiovascular exercise, I normally recommend only 20 minutes.

I'm going to throw another spanner in the works by telling you that if you take a thermogenic fat burner (I recommend that you do) then this should be used to further enhance the metabolism by taking it after your cardio. The key here is to keep the metabolism burning at optimal level throughout the day. It has been kick started with breakfast and has increased momentum via cardio; now let's continue that peak by taking a fat metabolizer after your cardio to decrease the likelihood of the calories in the next meals being stored as fat. I strongly recommend Tetrazene ES-50 to take your metabolism to the next level.

Now to keep stoking our fat burning fire we must keep eating small meals at frequent intervals. A minimum of 6 meals per day is a perfect environment for a metabolism to fire on all cylinders. These meals should be made up of lean animal proteins such as chicken, steak, fish or egg whites combined with slow digesting carbohydrates such as brown rice, oatmeal and multigrain pasta. Fibrous carbohydrates such as broccoli, cabbage and asparagus are the perfect sources of carbs to be taken within the last 5 hours before sleep. The calories within these sources are so minimal that the chances of these being stored as fat whilst sleeping is next to nothing. For most of us, taking in 6 meals per day can be a very arduous task, so I recommend that a protein shake or protein bar should be taken advantage of. ProSource has the best tasting protein bar on the market, it is called the Supreme Protein bar, and for good reason. One taste of it and all of a sudden 6 meals doesn't look too bad. A protein bar or shake can replace up to three meals per day. A good healthy source of fat like CLA or flaxseed is a great supplement to use to help minimize cravings and also slow the digestion of carbohydrates into the blood stream giving more chance of these calories to be used as available energy instead of stored energy.

A second bout of cardio should be conducted in the evening prior to your last one or two meals to kick start the fat burning process once again when the metabolism is normally at its slowest. Again I normally only recommend 20 minutes, this will be plenty of time to stoke that fat burning furnace that we all have inside

My last recommendation is intended for those of you who are really serious about your fitness goals. It is one that can make a huge difference in maintaining a fast metabolism. Set your alarm to wake you half way through your night's sleep and drink a protein shake. This will split up your eight hour fast and have your metabolism to work for you during the night as you continue your sleep. A protein blend such as NytroPlex-GF is a first grade choice because it has not only fast digesting properties to place the body into an anabolic state but it also has slow digesting proteins to keep the body in an anti-catabolic state. This may seem like a chore at first but I guarantee that within a week or two of following this procedure you will no longer be setting your alarm as your metabolism speeds up. Your body will be waking you up to feed its hunger and soon you will see the results you craved when more attention is paid to nutrition than your normal never-ending daily cardio.