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Grow With The Best!

Grow With The Best!
It has been well established that heavy resistance training is the best way to stimulate the protein synthesis that is the foundation of muscle growth (1). However, resistance training also ramps up the catabolism of skeletal muscle protein which can lead to muscle loss if you are in a continued state of protein breakdown, resulting in a never-ending state of "one step forward, one step back."
If you want to emerge from this growth stalemate and maximize your gains, you need to keep your muscular/cellular environment tilted towards a positive protein balance as much as possible. One of the best ways to achieve this positive protein balance following a bout of resistance training is through nutritional practices, specifically by introducing protein into the system as swiftly as possible to jump-start protein synthesis immediately, ultimately preventing your body from breaking down your hard-earned muscle.

Nutrient timing is an advanced nutritional strategy that can help you recover from a workout and maximize improvements over time. In fact, research has shown that when bodybuilders consumed a protein supplement before and after a weight-lifting session over the course of 10 weeks, it led to bigger gains in lean body mass and strength compared to a control group which consumed their protein supplement in the morning and evening (2). These differences were observed even though total caloric (and more importantly) total protein consumption throughout the day were equal, suggesting the importance of consuming protein as fast as possible following a workout.

Therefore it is imperative that you consume not only protein before or after a workout but a fast-acting one to stop protein breakdown and ramp up muscle growth. And this revelation brings us to the subject of a legendarily anabolic and swift-acting mass builder that has been helping bodybuilders achieve their physique goals for years now.

A "Perfect Storm" of Muscle Growth
When it comes to which protein source is the best, research has continually shown that whey protein is a step above the rest.  When compared to casein, whey protein has been shown to have an enhanced amino acid availability resulting in a quicker increase in protein synthesis (3, 4).  And remember, timing is essential when it comes to protein balance. In addition, whey protein contains a high amount of the essential amino acid leucine which appears to be a powerful stimulator of protein synthesis. 

The scientific community has known for a long time that the essential amino acid leucine is one of the most potent amino acids in terms of stimulating protein synthesis (5, 6). The research and development team at BioQuest were laser-focused on this indisputable fact when it came to incorporating a leucine technology into their flagship mass gainer MyoZene.

MyoZene contains Leuvon 590 Leucine Peptides, a revolutionary leucine formulation consisting of a patent-pending peptide carrier that improves the solubility and absorption of the peptides, ultimately allowing for better digestion and absorption of the amino acids into muscle. The result is an advanced, ultra-anabolic mass builder that contains up to four times more leucine than competing brands, making it an elite protein supplement for those looking to add muscle fast.  

MyoZene is also comprised of a highly specialized whey hydrolysate technology which is "pre-digested" to provide a super bioavailable source of essential di- and tri-peptides for ultra-rapid absorption into the muscle. Researchers found that when bodybuilders supplemented with either hydrolyzed whey protein or casein during a 10-week training program, the subjects who consumed the hydrolyzed whey experienced a significantly greater increase in lean body mass and muscular strength (7) compared to casein. Researchers also found that when hydrolyzed protein was consumed with leucine it increased muscle protein synthesis and enhanced whole-body protein balance compared to consuming carbohydrates alone (8). Therefore with MyoZene you get the best of both worlds!

Carbohydrates and Insulin Potentiation
Carbohydrates often get a bad reputation in the fitness world, especially with individuals who are trying to stay lean or are cutting. Believe it or not, carbohydrates are not the enemy and can certainly serve a purpose when it comes to stimulating muscle growth. Not only does leucine increase protein synthesis, but when combined with insulin this effect appears to be further enhanced. This is why MyoZene contains a precision-targeted carbohydrate complex designed to strongly augment insulin secretion.
The additional carbohydrates potentiate insulin up-regulation, which in turn helps stimulate muscle growth by increasing the amount of amino acids transported into the muscle (9). These added carbs will also help replenish the glycogen storage (your muscle fuel source) that provides you with the energy you need during an intense workout (10). This becomes imperative if you are training multiple times per week. (And let's face it, if building muscle is your primary goal, then you'd better be.)

Astounding 24% to 32%
Increases in Strength

Of course, any nutritional supplement is only as good as the science that validates it. In MyoZene's case, the science exists in the form of the results of a landmark brand-specific clinical study presented at the prestigious American College of Sports Medicine Annual Conference. An independently conducted research study found that after 28 days of MyoZene supplementation in conjunction with a bodybuilding training regimen, subjects experienced a 4% increase in lean body mass and a 3.8% reduction in body fat (11).  Subjects also saw a 24% increase in muscular endurance mid-way through the study and a 32% increase after one month of training. Take home message: MyoZene can help you pack on muscle, lose body fat and increase muscular endurance.

Taken together, the higher leucine content and ultra-rapid-action form of whey in MyoZene escalate anabolic response to a whole new level. The additional carbohydrates help you to recover from your workout and keep you refueled for the next workout, so you can continue to train at a high level. Make sure to consume MyoZene immediately following your workout to stop protein breakdown and stimulate muscle growth.  At the end of the day this can help you recover faster, better tolerate a high training volume and lead to greater increases in muscle mass and strength.

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