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Grow Finer With Fiber

Grow Finer With Fiber
First Class Fiber Can Be the Secret Ingredient to a Better Physique

As an athlete dedicated to your diet, physique and exercise regimen, you certainly have spent a great deal of time and energy counting carbohydrates and protein.  Amazing amounts of helpful information have come from science labs and athletes across the country telling us how much of these nutrients to eat.  Every bodybuilder or physique athlete knows that consuming a diet which facilitates fat burning and increasing levels of leanness requires more than just the right balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat.  One of these nutrients that can help you achieve those nutritional goals, while ripping up your physique, is dietary fiber.  While dietary fiber is best known for its health effects (which are too great to pass over), the inclusion of high quality fiber throughout your diet can help your body to burn more fat and control your appetite as well as manage glucose and insulin levels.

Just so we're clear, we're not talking your grandma's fiber supplement, we're talking about a unique, high-end blend of fiber along with added protein.  Dietary fiber comes in two forms, soluble and insoluble (Anderson, Baird et al. 2009).  The soluble form dissolves in water and can bind to fat, which goes on to improve cholesterol and blood glucose levels while also removing fat from the digestive system.  The insoluble form is not readily digested and as a result primarily adds bulk to the stool in your colon.  If research holds true, you likely aren't consuming enough fiber.  The USDA recommends you to consume 14 grams of fiber for every 1,000 calories you consume in your diet; the average American male should strive to consume around 36 grams of fiber each day (USDA 2005).

How Can Fiber Improve My Physique?

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The amount of data which says increased fiber in your diet reduces your risk for cardiovascular disease, cancers, stroke, diabetes, any number of gastrointestinal disorders, hemorrhoids and obesity is beyond large.  We're talking studies with hundreds of thousands of people all across the world.  Additionally, just as much research says increased fiber can also improve your cholesterol levels, blood pressure, glucose and immune function. Optimal fiber intake strongly reduces your risk for disease and improves your health (Anderson, Baird et al. 2009).

We understand, however, that these aren't your only questions.  Better health is great, but how can it improve my physique?  Can it help me lose weight and fat?  Can it leave me with less body fat and improved body composition?  Yes, yes, and yes!  A number of studies have shown that increasing fiber can reduce the amount of calories, how hungry you feel and similarly your feelings of fullness (Anderson 2008).  All of these things combine together to give you greater control over your diet and you know well that if this happens, fat will burn and muscles will shine!  In fact, when these studies compared weight loss between those people taking a placebo and diets with increased fiber, weight loss was significantly greater with increased fiber after 4 weeks and continued at this greater rate for up to 12 weeks (Anderson 2008).  Moreover, some studies even suggest that favored hormonal levels of "appetite or gut hormones" occur after increased fiber intake (Anderson 2008).

Increasing Fiber From a Legendary Athlete's Perspective

As you can clearly see, increased dietary fiber equals more fat burning and a shredded physique. One man who has long known the many bodybuilding benefits of increased dietary fiber is Kurt Angle. Fourteen-time world champion in the biggest promotions in wrestling, including the WWE, WCW and now TNA, Kurt Angle has dedicated great effort in recent years to seeking out and marketing premium nutrition to athletes through his BarnDad Nutrition enterprise. One of the flagship products of the new company is Ultra Fiber DX, a 100% natural, time release, soluble and insoluble fiber matrix designed to help athletes reduce visceral fat around the waistline, improve digestion of all those other nutrients you supplement with each day, and support satiety.

Kurt Angle Ultra Fiber DX "I was really impressed with Ultra Fiber DX," Angle says. "When you're an athlete, digestion and managing appetite are really important. You're taking protein formulas, you're eating a lot of lean meats, and, unfortunately, you're probably not getting enough fiber. And that negatively impacts digestion and the utilization of all that nutrition you're spending time and money consuming.

"I've been mixing Ultra Fiber DX into my ProSource NytroWhey Ultra Elite protein shake every morning. It has helped me curb my appetite and feel fuller longer. My digestion is much more efficient. I've lost significant visceral fat and two inches off my waistline. Simply put, I've never felt better."

Ultra Fiber DX is a terrific way to add necessary dietary fiber to your regimen, as is additional intake of whole grains, high fiber cereals, legumes, fruits and vegetables (Anderson, Baird et al. 2009). When it comes to improving physique and performance, it's not all about proteins and carbs. It turns out that your Mom and Grandma were right, too. "Eat more fiber!"

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