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Gronk Time!

Gronk Time!

ProSource Exclusive Interview
With Rob Gronkowski, Football’s
Ultimate Workout Warrior

In all of professional football, there is probably no athlete who has more of a “bodybuilder mentality” than Patriots’ all-world tight end Rob Gronkowski. Rob is all about team, and yet he brings a natural showmanship and joy to the world’s brightest sporting stage that has captured the imaginations of millions of fans. Also like the best bodybuilders, Rob Gronkowski doesn’t just beat his man, he intimidates him. The ball is coming to me, he seems to say, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Physique and performance are paramount, but it’s a mind game, too.

Five years after his entry into the league, Rob Gronkowski has achieved rock-star status. The tabloids follow his exploits. People who don’t know a football from a badminton racket know who he is. Somewhere, a woman is writing and publishing a series of highly popular Rob Gronkowski romance novels. (It’s true; you can look it up!) Rob is the Deion Sanders of our generation. He is our Joe Namath. The fact that he has achieved all this at tight end, an often non-glamorous position that is as much about blocking as it is about highlight-reel touchdown catches, makes it all even more amazing.

What people don’t see, however, is the unsurpassed work ethic that has enabled Rob Gronkowski to revolutionize the tight end position. Like the bodybuilder who toils in the weight room, pushing himself to the edge and over it, day after day, month after month, so he can shine for a moment in the spotlight, Rob Gronkowski plants every TD catch like a flag atop a mountain of bench presses and squats, curls and flyes. Look at the physique. Rob Gronkowski is a workout warrior of the first order.

Here at ProSource, we’ve followed Rob Gronkowski avidly from his first days in the league, because we recognized him as Rob Gronkowski NFL Patriotsone of ours: a true gym rat who knows the call of the iron. We talked to him when he was taking the league by storm in his rookie season. We’ve talked to him with his brothers Chris and Dan, and his dad Gordy, about the value of hard work and preparation.

And now, as Rob reaches the pinnacle of his sport, we’re happy to sit down and talk with him again.

ProSource: Hey, Rob. Welcome back and congratulations on the Super Bowl ring! It’s been a long road to here.

Rob Gronkowski: It has. A lot of hard work.

ProSource: You’ve just had your healthiest, strongest year in the league since your rookie year. How are you approaching practices, training, and game days to maintain such a high level of fitness? Have you made any significant changes in your preparation this year? If so, what are they?

Rob Gronkowski: I’ve alwayRob Gronkowski Patriots Super Bowls practiced like I play. I wouldn’t say much has changed in that respect. I still give it 100%. I don’t think Brady would settle for any less, ha ha.  The biggest difference in my preparation would probably be allowing for recovery. I’m stretching more, taking ice baths. That works to keep me going.

ProSource: You’ve played with several Patriots players and coaches who have Super Bowl rings, and now you have one, too. Tell us what the Patriot’s Super Bowl victory this year means to you specifically, and to your legacy in the NFL. Also, what was the key difference between this year’s Patriots team and others you’ve played on?
Rob Gronkowski: For me personally, the Super Bowl meant everything. My teammates, family and friends stood by my side in the tough times, this made me appreciate it that much more.

I don’t really reflect on legacies, I go out every game trying to be better than I was the week before.

ProSource: You’re in off-season mode right now. How does your off-season training differ from what you would be doing in August? Are you heavier or lighter in the off season? What are your training goals in preparation for training camp?

Rob Gronkowski: I tend to lift heavier in the off-season but my focus is building a more well-rounded body to bring it big time, come August! I want to keep my speed and get HUGE!
ProSource: Let’s talk supplementation. What supplements are essential to maximizing your workout capacity, physique, and game-day performance? How and why?
Rob Gronkowski: Protein shakes. Throw a shake back after the game or on the bus and away you go. Six Star Pro Nutrition Whey Protein Plus is what I’ve taken for years.
ProSource: No team has repeated as Super Bowl Champion since the Patriots achieved the feat in 2004 and 2005. In 2015, every team will be gunning for you. How do you prepare mentally for that kind of challenge? What do the Patriots have to do to repeat?
Rob Gronkowski: Focus on what we do well. We’ve always left it all on the field and plan on doing the same again.

ProSource: Thanks for sharing with our readers, Rob, and good luck in 2015!

Rob Gronkowski Patriots Workout

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