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Green Tea Extract Reduces Oxidative Damage to Muscle
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Intense exercise puts stress upon all parts of the body which can challenge recovery and increase oxidative stress.  A four-week study in 35 male college students had all participants follow a strength training program while half of them supplemented their diet with a green tea extract and the other half took a placebo (Jowko, Sacharuk et al. 2011).  At the beginning and end of the study, participants completed a muscular endurance test while also providing a number of blood samples which were used to measure changes in antioxidants as well as oxidative stress as a result of the exercise program.  As expected, supplementation with the green tea extract increased the levels of antioxidants found in their blood.  Interestingly, the four week resistance training program was found to increase resting levels of oxidative stress, but this change was only reported in the placebo group and not in the group which supplementation with the green tea extract.  Before supplementation began, markers of muscle damage were measured and were found to increase 24 hours after the muscular endurance test.  Interestingly and after four weeks of supplementation and following the strength training program, markers of muscle damage were only found to increase when consuming the placebo.  In conclusion, supplementation with green tea extract can increase antioxidant status which goes on to positively impact changes in oxidative stress and muscle damage when compared to a placebo.


Jowko, E., J. Sacharuk, et al. (2011). "Green tea extract supplementation gives protection against exercise-induced oxidative damage in healthy men." Nutrition research 31(11): 813-821.