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Green Tea Boosts Immune Function And Prevents Cold And Flu Symptoms

In addition to making you feel miserable, being sick with the cold and flu can stifle your progress in the gym. Researchers reported in a recent manuscript that there is yet another reason to consume green tea. They randomized subjects into a group who received capsules containing a proprietary mixture of EGCG and theanine or a placebo group. The researchers followed them for 3 months and documented their cold and flu symptoms as well as assessing their immune function. Almost one-third fewer subjects reported having cold and flu symptoms in the green tea group. There was also a decrease in the number of days subjects had symptoms and the total number of days they needed medical treatment. The authors suggested these effects may have been due to enhanced immune function because green tea was shown to have a positive effect on immune cells. These results could have very important implications on preventing cold and flu symptoms and therefore keeping people healthy by improving their innate immune response.

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