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Get the Alpha Male Advantage!

Get the Alpha Male Advantage!

Buy AndroTest on Sale
Buy AndroTest on Sale

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Alpha males have it in abundance. It's the one key bodily hormone that is the foundation and source of every worthy attribute in a man.

Strength. Power. Libido. Aggression. Vitality.

It's testosterone, and alpha males protect it and support it, maintain it and maximize it like the priceless treasure it is.

Other men let it all slip away.

Why? Because these unfortunate men are unaware that supplemental science has progressed to the point where dangerous and counterproductive synthetic steroids are no longer the sole means of optimizing endogenous testosterone levels. In fact, the emerging science of all-natural support and enhancement of the body's own testosterone production is even now rendering all those artificial injections and topical gels obsolete.

Only One Elite Product Offers True
Clinical-Grade Test-Boosting Power

Breakthroughs in all-natural testosterone enhancement science have yielded the ultimate means of escalating the essential male hormone testosterone by means of a full-spectrum protodioscin-rich botanical super compound. This compound contains natural saponins that signal the production of luteinizing hormone, which ultimately stimulates production of testosterone. The saponin protodioscin has been scientifically proven as the key player in this hormone-producing cascade.

And while many manufacturers have tried and failed to make this technology available to men everywhere, only one has been successful in overcoming the processing, standardization, and cost hurdles inherent in incorporating real, clinically meaningful amounts of this super compound. The gold standard of all-natural T-boosters, AndroTest by ProSource, is helping men be the very best they can be. AndroTest's unique power derives primarily from the inclusion of a key ingredient standardized for a minimum of 80% total saponins content and an unprecedented 40-48% bioactive protodioscin, yielding the most potent and complete spectrum of active test-boosting agents in existence.

"I took AndroTest for 6 weeks and my free testosterone levels increased 60%!  I'm bigger, stronger, and more ripped up than ever. My energy is up, as well as my libido.  AndroTest works and it works FAST!"

Kurt Angle
Olympic Gold Medalist
Pro Wrestling Icon

A Respected Scientist Weighs the
Impact Of This Advanced New Science

AndroTest's emergence is exciting news that is only just now beginning to reach the mainstream sports medicine and nutrition media. We talked to Dr. Richard Kreider about this technology and the impact it's going to have on athletes and men everywhere who are experiencing the physical and psychological pitfalls attendant on declining T levels in middle age. Dr. Kreider is Professor and Chair of the Department of Health, Human Performance & Recreation at Baylor University and Director of the Exercise & Sport Nutrition Lab and Center for Exercise, Nutrition and Preventive Health.

"I've been doing research in sport nutrition for almost 30 years," Dr. Kreider says. "I've seen supplements rise to the top based on marketing hyperbole and then fall by the wayside as research indicated that they didn't work and supplement users realized they were a waste of money. In fact, our research group has put the nail in the coffin to a number of ‘revolutionary' supplements. So, needless to say, it's pretty hard to impress me. So consequently, when I was asked to look AndroTest, I asked, as I always do, to see the data. When I began reviewing results of the clinical trials, I was impressed enough to add it to my training and supplementation program. I'm now experiencing gains in strength and muscle mass I haven't felt in over 20 years."

We asked Dr. Kreider what, specifically, impressed him about those clinical trials, which, it should be said were randomized, double-blind clinical studies product-specific to AndroTest itself, not just the isolated ingredients in it.
"When I began reviewing results of the clinical trials, I was impressed enough to add it to my training and  supplementation program.  I'm now experiencing gains in strength and muscle mass I haven't felt in over 20 years."

Dr. Richard Kreider
Professor and Chair of the Department of Health,
Human Performance & Recreation at Baylor University

"What impressed me?" he said. "First, it's the only supplement of its kind that actually had enough of the active nutrient, protodioscin, to seemingly make a difference. Nearly all of the studies that have previously been conducted in this category had protodioscin levels of 1-2%, not 40% as seen in AndroTest. Second, preliminary findings from a randomized and double-blind clinical trial on men between 30 and 55 who had low testosterone levels found that 4-weeks of supplementation with AndroTest increased free testosterone significantly, while T-levels slightly declined in the placebo group. This helped the participants increase free and total testosterone into the normal mid-ranges for their age.

Buy AndroTest on Sale
Buy AndroTest on Sale

for a chance to win
this product!
"This is the first study I'm aware of that has shown that protodioscin supplementation can promote meaningful increases in free and total testosterone. I've been taking AndroTest for several weeks now and am experiencing first hand greater training gains in strength, energy, and ability to recover from workouts. While more research is certainly needed, AndroTest is certainly a supplement for men to consider as they are getting older in an attempt to maintain healthy levels of testosterone."

Real Science, Real-World Results
As AndroTest has been impressing scientists in the lab, it's also been generating a sensation among men across the nation who have been enthusiastically volunteering (via social media) to try AndroTest while having before-and-after bloodwork done to measure the impact of AndroTest on their T levels.

Many of these men were genuinely surprised and dismayed at the results of their "before" bloodwork, having never suspected just how low their normal, daily levels of free testosterone have been. Indeed, many men discovered for the first time just why they often felt so lethargic and listless, why they were getting so little physical benefit from gym training, and why their libido was diminished.

One of the more high-profile volunteers was Kurt Angle, the pro wrestling icon and Olympic Gold Medal winner. Though there are approximately zero sports fans out there who associate Kurt Angle with reduced power and aggression, Kurt knew something was wrong in recent months. He felt like he was losing his edge, and he was eager to try AndroTest after having heard about the clinical trials. The results were, in a word, phenomenal.

"I took AndroTest for 6 weeks and my baseline free testosterone levels increased 60%!" Kurt says. "I'm bigger, stronger, and more ripped up than ever. I gained 10 solid pounds of muscle and feel great! My energy is up, as well as my libido. Thank you AndroTest for helping me raise my game to a new level. This product works and it works FAST!"

The Brand-Specific Clinical Study That Ushered in a New Era of REAL All-Natural Testosterone Enhancement
Physical benefits like those experienced by Kurt Angle are the end result of true clinical-grade test-boosting power, as validated by science. Let's take another look at that landmark study. In that brand-specific, comprehensive, 8-week double-blind clinical study, bloodwork indicated a clearly significant increase in the AndroTest group compared to placebo for both free testosterone and total testosterone. Icreasees were seen as early as two weeks and continued to improve for 4 weeks. AndroTest caused statistically significant increases in free testosterone levels, up to 218% over baseline, and statistically significant increases in total testosterone levels, as high as 275%.

This means that some subjects using AndroTest experienced nearly a three-fold increase in testosterone levels. It should also be noted that these results represent actual increases over baseline (as opposed to figures compared to placebo, which many manufacturers use to inflate their product claims), which makes AndroTest's effects even more extraordinary.

How extraordinary? We asked Bill Campbell, PhD, CSCS, FISSN, an Associate Professor and Director of the Exercise and Performance Nutrition Laboratory, for his opinion of AndroTest, based on looking at the data and trying it himself.

"It is well known that testosterone production decreases with age," Dr. Campbell says. "Low testosterone levels are associated with fatigue, lack of energy, loss of strength, and an increase in body fat. Elevating endogenous levels of testosterone in a safe manner through supplements such as AndroTest not only prevents these problems, but can also increase strength and lean body mass when used in conjunction with a periodized resistance-training program."

And how about his personal experience?
"After a two-week period of AndroTest supplementation ... my total and free testosterone levels increased as well as my maximal strength in the bench press, squat, and deadlift. Given this experience with AndroTest, I will be sure to include it to the short list of quality supplements that I recommend."

Bill Campbell, PhD, CSCS, FISSN
Associate Professor - Exercise Science
Director - Exercise and Performance Nutrition Laboratory

"Well, not wanting to give up any ground to my younger Exercise Science students in the weight room, I decided to give AndroTest a try to see what its effects were in my own body," Dr, Campbell says. "After a two-week period of AndroTest supplementation in conjunction with my own strength-training program, my total and free testosterone levels increased as well as my maximal strength in the bench press, squat, and deadlift.

"As a sports nutrition researcher, I know that it is rare when a sports supplement actually lives up to its advertising claims. Given my own experience with AndroTest, I will be sure to include it to the short list of quality supplements that I recommend."

Rave Reviews Pour In as Satisfied
AndroTest Users Report Their Results

While star athletes like Kurt Angle and respected scientists in the field like Dr. Kreider and Dr. Campbell were greatly impressed with their AndroTest experiences, men across the nation were wildly enthusiastic in their responses to AndroTest. Just in  recent weeks, we've heard dozens of rave reviews from volunteers across the nation, and the arrival rate of responses is increasing daily.

One such volunteer, Mike Brown, a 37 year old male from North Carolina, had his blood work tested by LabCorp on August 21, 2013. His test revealed that he was suffering from low total and free testosterone levels. After one week on AndroTest, his free  (bioavailable) testosterone had increased by 120%, putting his levels into the high clinically normal range. After week two, Mike's total testosterone shot up again to 248% over baseline. Moreover, his free-testosterone increased by 150% over his baseline values. Remarkably, in just two weeks, Mike went from having clinically lower than normal total and free testosterone to having clinically high testosterone levels.

Buy AndroTest on Sale
Buy AndroTest on Sale

for a chance to win
this product!
Mike, not surprisingly, was ecstatic. "First off, I would like to thank ProSource for carrying this awesome product!" Mike says. "I have tried multiple supplements for many years and AndroTest is the best. While taking AndroTest, I was able to get my testosterone levels to reach heights that I never thought were possible. In turn, I was able to gain strength and put on size in a very short period of time. I had more energy in the gym and was able to blast through each and every work out.

"As soon as I started taking AndroTest, I knew that I was taking something unique. This has become my favorite supplement of all time and I recommend it to anyone and everyone. If you want to reach higher goals in bodybuilding, then I suggest adding AndroTest to your regiment. I am 110% SATISFIED!"

Brian Coleman, a 46 year old man from Iowa, had his blood work analyzed at Greater Regional Medical Center before and for two weeks after starting on AndroTest. His baseline total blood testosterone concentration was 139 ng/dL, which is almost 50% less than even clinically low total testosterone levels for a man his age. Even worse, Brian's free-testosterone blood concentration was 1.7 pg/mL, which is four times lower than what is considered clinically low free-testosterone.

After only one week on AndroTest, Brian's total testosterone increased 55% and his free-testosterone jumped up 217% over his initial baseline, bringing him close to the clinically normal range for both! In his second week on AndroTest, Brian's total- and free-testosterone shot up 181% and 482% respectively, putting him well into the c linically normal range for men 18 years and older.

"I had low energy and sex drive," Brian says, "and I wasn't even aware my testosterone was low. I started taking AndroTest and within two weeks my free test shot up 480%!And yes, I have the bloodwork to prove it! My libido has
returned, people in the gym and at work are saying I look bigger already, and my energy levels are high. I feel like a teenager again. AndroTest is the best T-booster I've tried, hands down. ProSource made me a believer!"

Isn't It Time You Maximized
Your Manhood with AndroTest?

Men everywhere, including your own colleagues and competitors, are using AndroTest to maintain their vitality, strength, aggression, and libido, at levels common among men half their ages. Shouldn't you be joining them? Life is too precious not to make the most of the benefits surging testosterone levels can bring to a man.

The science of all-natural testosterone enhancement has arrived, and in the case of AndroTest, it has been comprehensively tested and validated. Now it's your turn to get the Alpha Male Advantage. Get AndroTest and feel the power of true clinical-strength test-boosting science!

Have you tried AndroTest yet? What kind of results have you experienced? Let us know in the comments field below!

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