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Get Hard and Lean in 2014!

[Editor's Note: Welcome back to Stacking for Success Month here at! The product development team at ProSource has assembled some of the most powerful and profoundly transformational stacks in the history of bodybuilding. Each week this month, we've been featuring one of those stacks, telling you how and why they work, and also offering them to our loyal customers at a significant savings. (Be sure to check out the Hardcore Testosterone Boosting Stack and Ultra-Quick Build Power Stack.) This week, we're turning our attention to extreme fat loss with the Ultimate Transformation Mega Stack.]

So here we are again, February about to turn into March. It seems like the distance between the holidays and springtime gets shorter every year. Are you in front of the mirror once more, wondering why it's so much easier to gain fat than lose it? Or have you managed to keep that winter fat off, but you're wondering how to get to that next ripped-and-ready level?

Either way, you don't want to be asking yourself these same questions in June. The key, as always with fat loss, is to attack excess fat via multiple physiological pathways, while also maintaining and supporting muscle mass, which is needed to burn that fat.

The best supplementation strategies take into account the complexity of the task you're trying to achieve. Real fat loss starts with clinically validated thermogenic technologies working in tandem with non-stimulant mechanisms of action. And real fat loss can only be achieved by eating right, not necessarily less, which means utilizing protein to lean out AND rip up.

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Buy Best Supplement Stack on Sale

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To help you attain these goals, ProSource has put together the best of all possible supplements for a truly spectacular body transforming result. The Ultimate Transformation Mega Stack addresses physique enhancement from every conceivable physiological pathway, aggressively stripping out excess fat while giving muscle tissue the kind of targeted support that makes extreme body repartitioning possible. And like the previous stacks we've featured this month, this combo works its amazing transformation via synergism -- products chosen to work together for exponentially ramped-up results.

Let's take a closer look at the Ultimate Transformation Mega Stack.

Factor One:  BioQuest BetaStax Elite
If caffeine and yohimbe were all you needed to have a great physique, we'd all be Supermen (and Superwomen). That's why the first factor in the Ultimate Transformation Mega Stack is a formulation that targets many different biological pathways that effect energy and metabolism, without sending you through the roof.

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Buy Best Diet Supplement on Sale

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BioQuest's BetaStax Elite is an entirely new “amplified” version of the weight-loss supplement that made bodybuilding history. Like the legendary original BetaStax, it contains the most comprehensive matrix of weight-loss and metabolism support ingredients known to science. And now it contains a powerful new diet-support super ingredient designed to further target key mechanisms of metabolic enhancement.

Of course, the BetaStax story begins with the transformational matrix that helped revolutionize the diet support category -- an exclusive PureWay-Slim technology that has been shown to deliver clinically validated and significant reductions in body weight, waist and hip circumferences in as little as two weeks. In tandem with the clinically validated weight-loss power of Razberi-K and its new ultra-potent botanical extract, new BetaStax Elite is unrivaled in its physique ripping and shredding power.

Looking for a boost on the gym floor or to support energy levels that made be lagging due to a low-carb regimen? With its proprietary Liquid SpeedCap™ technology, BetaStax Elite yields a truly awe-inspiring surge in energy and focus beginning within just minutes of a single dose. Together, these cutting edge technologies in BetaStax Elite will help you achieve transformation results beyond anything previously possible in periods of time unheard of before its introduction.

Take 3 Capsules Prior to morning meal and 3 capsules prior to midafternoon meal with 8 ounces of water. Do not take in the evening. Do not exceed 6 capsules per day. Begin by taking 1 caspule twice per day for the first week to assess tolerance.
Synergistic Effects:
The launch of BetaStax Elite is the event that made the Ultimate Transformation Mega Stack possible. It provides a thermogenic effect for extreme weight loss enhancement along with energy to help support workouts and assist positive attitude while dieting. It also provides metabolic enhancement compounds that work synergistically with Vectron and CLA. In addition, BetaStax Elite increases energy levels so that more calories are burned during exercise and daily activities.  
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Buy Best Diet Protein on Sale

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Factor Two: ProSource Vectron

As athletes well know, there's more to body transformation than just losing weight. Looking good has more to do with trusting the mirror, not the scale. This is because muscle is denser than fat and you need more of it to look toned and get that sculpted physique, in fact, you may actually gain some weight towards the end of your transformation as you add more muscle from your workouts. This is especially true if you're taking in the required amount of protein, an integral facet of your diet regimen. The above are just a few reasons why the second product in this stack is so important to a successful transformation.

For our goal of slimming down while minimizing muscle catabolism, no other protein supplement has been proven as effective as Vectron by ProSource. This is due to Vectron's patented fractionated protein matrix called Prolibra. This research-backed formula is made from specially manufactured partially hydrolyzed whey and fortified with a state-of-the-art blend of minerals that work synergistically to support lean mass and promote a leaner physique.

This powerful technology was the subject of a 12-week clinical trial published in the Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, where subjects taking Prolibra retained twice as much lean muscle and at the same time experienced 79% fat-loss compared to the control group who saw 51% fat loss. In addition, taking Vectron twice daily before meals has been shown to reduce blood glucose after meals and maintain muscle mass, even while subjects where experiencing significant fat loss.

As anyone who has restricted calories knows, that washed-out feeling between meals can cause you to look for the quickest and most satisfying snacks, usually a candy bar or some other fast food that can sabotage your weight loss efforts. Helping maintain blood glucose with Vectron can be a real advantage when it comes to between meal cravings. In short, Vectron supplementation results in healthy levels of blood sugar, decreased appetite, decreased fat storage, maintains muscle tissue and does this all without stimulation. Vectron is most definitely a one-of-a-kind weight-loss support agent.

Mix one scoop with 8 ounces of cold water, consume one serving 20 minutes prior to breakfast and one serving 20 minutes prior to dinner.

Synergistic Effects:
Vectron helps to protect muscle tissue so that your weight loss efforts are more effective. Retaining more muscle allows for higher calorie consumption during training and daily activities. Higher calorie consumption in turn helps to slim the body. Vectron also helps to stabilize blood sugar levels which can help reduce fat storage, which further assists weight loss effects from CLA and BetaStax.  

Buy Best CLA on Sale
Buy Best CLA on Sale

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Factor Three: ProSource Tonalin CLA
BetaStax Elite covers energy and thermogenic activity while Vectron helps maintain muscle, blood sugar levels and further enhances fat loss. This next entry adds yet another, completely different biological pathway to the ultimate transformation equation.

The final piece to the Ultimate Transformation Mega Stack is ProSource Tonalin CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), a very popular body-toning lipid among athletes that has been the subject of a significant amount of scientific research focused on its ability to help support repartitioning (reduction of the abdominal area while enhancing muscle tone).

This particular brand of CLA, Tonalin, has been considered the gold standard in the sports supplement industry for many years now and ProSource supplies a full 1600 mg per serving of this highly purified compound, standardized at 80% CLA, the highest available. This effective product is the perfect complement to the Ultimate Transformation Mega Stack as it fills in yet another physiological pathway towards healthy weight loss and a toned, yet muscular physique. The clinical research supporting CLA as particularly effective in reducing abdominal fat makes it a key player in this combo as the mid-section tends to be one of the most troublesome areas for many dieters.
Take 2 capsules twice daily 30-60 minutes prior to meals.

Synergistic Effects:
ProSource Tonalin CLA has a partitioning effect that reduces fat while helping maintain muscle tissue. Instead of just increasing the stimulant level or doubling up on compounds found in BetaStax Elite and Vectron, CLA instead uses a completely different biological method to help your weight loss results. Keeping stimulants low while still providing effective, research-backed compounds with many different physiological pathways is the best way to lose weight while maintaining muscle tone—and a toned body is the ultimate goal.

Keeping the Big Picture in Mind
Supplement stacks that deliver clinically backed weight loss and true transformational results are rare and invaluable tools for achieving your physique and performance goals. But also remember the basics: hit the gym 4 times per week (or exercise rigorously at least a half an hour a day 6 days per week); take in 8 glasses of water per day; eat 4 to 5 servings of fruit and 4 to 5 servings of vegetables per day (make sure to get plenty of whole vegetables and green leafy vegetables); eat whole grains like brown rice, whole grain breads and oatmeal; olive oil, flax oil and omega-3s; protein from lean poultry, beef and fish; and don't starve yourself. Cutting down your food intake too much (especially protein) is not healthy and will result in a loss of muscle tissue. This is what we're trying to avoid. A skinny body with no muscle tone is not attractive by anyone's standards.

It's never easy, but the Ultimate Transformation Mega Stack can help you rip up, get rock-hard, and take your physique to a level you will never have imagined possible.

Coming Up Next Week:
The Total Workout and Recovery Stack

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