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From Obese To On-Stage

From Obese To On-Stage

Yuri Diogenes Loses 100 Lbs And

Realizes His Bodybuilding Dream


One of the great things about coming to work every day at ProSource is you get to meet great people who have accomplished amazing things. One such person who has made a big impression on all of us here is Yuri Diogenes, a man who progressed from being seriously, morbidly obese to stepping on-stage as a ripped and rock-hard bodybuilder at an NPC-sponsored physique event in Texas.


When that spotlight hit Yuri and the crowd applauded, it represented the culmination of two long years of hard work and discipline in the gym and a total commitment to a new and healthier lifestyle. The man who had once despaired at the notion of keeping up with his 3-year-old daughter, who once regarded climbing a flight of stairs as a daunting challenge, strode to center stage. He struck his first pose, the light catching his impressively defined physique in sharp relief, and the crowd went crazy. Yuri Diogenes had arrived.


Yuri’s story could be anybody’s story. It could be your story, if you have the work ethic and determination. People will tell you it can’t be done. Yuri is here to tell you it CAN be done.


ProSource: Hi, Yuri. You’ve got an amazing story to tell.


Yuri Diogenes: I do. It’s been a long road, and I’m in a good place right now. I feel great.


Yuri Diogenes

ProSource: What have you been up to?


Yuri Diogenes: I’ve been working with trainer Jeff Dwelle, preparing for the 2015 competition season. Also, I signed a book contract with Morgan James Publishing, where I'll be co-authoring with Jodi Miller (@jodileigh), Ms. Natural Olympia title as a professional competitor in the PNBA organization in 2011 and 2012. The book was foreword by Greg McCoy (Manager of the Destination Dallas Gym in Plano, TX). The intent of the book is to explain a framework that Jodi and I put together to assist individuals to achieve their goals without compromising other areas of their life while staying in shape. The ebook version of this book should be out this summer and the paperback version should be available this fall.


ProSource: That’s good news! Congratulations! Now, however, we’re going to take you back to a darker place for a moment. Can you tell us how your weight and fitness problems initially began?


Yuri Diogenes: I started getting overweight when I was 26 years old and for 10 years I was obese. I “blame” the overweight mainly on my lack of commitment to staying in shape. In high school, I was a soccer player and was always in shape, but I lost control over my caloric intake and activity level when I start building my professional career in the technology field. I started working in many projects, including writing technical books and I stopped living a healthy lifestyle.


ProSource: How bad did it get?


Yuri Diogenes: In October 2011, I weighed 280 lbs, 36% of which was body fat. I was developing early-onset arthritis due to my obesity and I had a whole-spectrum bad blood panel (high cholesterol, etc). My doctor said I was basically killing myself. That was my wake-up call to make a real change.


ProSource: Sounds like bad times.


Yuri Diogenes: Oh yeah. I had serious knee problems. Sometimes I couldn’t even climb the stairs without having pain. That for me was the most humbling thing. My youngest daughter was three years old at the time, and I was unable to just run around with her. I couldn’t even walk faster without feeling pain. You think, am I going to be letting my family down here? It isn’t even just about you anymore. That was rock bottom.


ProSource: And then you began to climb. How did you begin? What were your first steps?


A Weight Loss Transformation

Yuri Diogenes: Everything started when I met my former trainer (Greg McCoy) at the NPC Heart of Texas competition in September 2011. A friend of mine introduced me to him and we scheduled to meet in October. From day one, I told Greg, my ultimate goal is to compete in a bodybuilding show by the time I turn 40. He embraced this challenge, we started to work together, and to my surprise, nutrition was the biggest element of this change. I changed my eating habits completely, eating six times per day (every three hours) with a total of 1800 calories a day. My macros were around 60% protein, 20% carbs and 20% fat. The first three months were painful. My body was trying to adjust to this new routine and I felt so many side effects (bad mood, cramps, lack of energy) that at one point I thought I might give up, but I’m glad I didn’t.


ProSource: Can you provide a general idea of your training program?


Yuri Diogenes: I keep it simple and direct. I have one rest day and I don’t skip workouts. Basically it’s:


Monday: Legs

Tuesday: Arms and Calves

Wednesday: Back and Traps

Thursday: Chest

Friday: Shoulder and Calves

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Cardio only (1 hour)


ProSource: What were the first changes you noticed after you started eating right and training regularly?


Yuri Diogenes: Learning to eat again was hard work! So was the training. However, after I settled into the program, which I will say took me one month, the main change was my energy level was significantly higher.


ProSource: And here you are today, an inspiring example of what it means to set a goal and attain it.


Yuri Diogenes: Yeah, well, there were a lot of dark days on the journey, but you have to know that it WILL get better. I lost 100 lbs in the first year of this program. I lost a lot of fat, but I was not ready to compete. I needed to gain muscles. That’s where training and supplementation come in. All of 2013 was dedicated to working on gaining muscle mass. In June 2014, I competed for the first time at the Adela Garcia Classic in Pflugerville, Texas. I didn’t place, but I was amazingly happy because my goal was to step on stage and compete, and that goal was accomplished.


Yuri Diogenes 6ProSource: Maintaining that muscle mass and your ripped physique continues to be a 24/7 job. Can you tell us what your supplementation regimen consists of these days?


Yuri Diogenes: Maintaining muscle mass and low body fat after 40 is a big challenge. I have to eat very clean and I have to supplement intelligently as well. Lately, I’ve been very impressed with the overall quality and price of ProSource brand supplements, and I’ve been using them to stay on point with my physique. NytroWhey Ultra Elite is a great protein formula that gives me the high-quality whey and extra leucine I need to maximize muscle gains after my workouts. It mixes easily with four to six ounces of water, and it really tastes sensational. I travel a lot for my work, so I can take NytroWhey with me and that ensures I’m getting my daily requirement of protein quickly and easily. I eat Quest Bars for the same reason. They taste good; they’re quick, easy, and they help me keep my macros in correct proportion.


When your diet is sixty percent protein, you really have to make sure you’re supplementing with a good vitamin/mineral/enzyme daily multi, and for me ProSource’s Super MegaMax does the job. It’s formulated specifically for the needs of bodybuilders and hardcore athletes, so it’s got the joint-support factors I need, plus antioxidant support, enzymes for digestion, and the whole spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Finally, again because I’m over 40, I’ve been thinking more about male hormonal support. I’ve had a great experience with ProSource’s AndroTest. I've tried many test boosters in the past, and the results haven’t been great. With AndroTest, I decided to watch closely two things: strength and overall energy throughout the day. I clearly felt an increase in strength, which lead me to lift heavier and I was way more focused throughout the day. My mood and endurance also improved. It’s definitely worth trying!


Also in the hormonal support category, I’ve started taking BioQuest’s AndroFury approximately 15 minutes before starting my workout. The fact that there is a mix of pre-workout performance maximizers and test-boosting components really intrigued me. I felt way more focus and could lift with more intensity without the side effects that some pre-workout gives to me, such as shakiness and nausea. My energy levels have been very high throughout my workouts! Again, if you’re not taking this one, you don’t know what you’re missing out on!


ProSource: It looks like you’ve got everything covered. What’s next for you in 2015?


Yuri Diogenes: As I said, I’m working with Jeff Dwelle, with the goal to competing in at least two local bodybuilding events here in Texas. My goal is always to make sure I improve every year. Bodybuilding for me is about self-improvement, always enhancing my overall physique. My current plan with Jeff is to be on stage again either in May or June; I want to be at 187 (which is seven lbs heavier than last year) and compete again in the middleweight division.


ProSource: What advice can you offer our readers on achieving their own fitness and physique goals?


Yuri Diogenes: I think the main advice is, adopt the lifestyle that will get you where you want to be. I see many people looking to do a summer diet, a New Year’s diet, etc. Seasonal changes don’t last long. If you really want to improve your physique and maintain it, you need to think long-term. Training and rest is important, but the real change comes (and stays) when you combine all those factors together in a lifestyle you can maintain indefinitely.


ProSource: Thanks, Yuri, for sharing your inspiring story with our readers. You can find Yuri on Twitter @yuridiogenes and on Instagram @ydiogenes

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