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For the Ultimate Protein Value, Quality Beats Quantity
It's no secret that protein is the single most important macronutrient in the muscle-building equation. Therefore, the first and foremost product on any bodybuilders supplement list should be an ultra high quality protein formulation.

Even better, is a precise regimen of specialized proteins to address the specific and varying biological needs at different points of the day. The following article provides an effective strategy for maximizing muscle growth through optimal protein supplementation. Since ultra-premium proteins have been ProSource's specialty for over a decade, we will highlight some of our own leading brands which we sincerely believe represent the best options on the market today.

But before we get into that, by now, you're probably aware that prices on proteins have been skyrocketing. Of course, all kinds of food prices are rising, and protein production has proved particularly vulnerable to market conditions consisting of increased grain costs and increased overseas demand for protein.

What you may not know is that companies have three different strategies at hand for coping with price increases. The easy-but-honest method entails passing on cost increases to customers. Plenty of companies are doing so. Then there's the dishonest method. Some manufacturers of middle-of-the-road, undistinguished proteins know that if they raise prices, they'll lose their customers. So they opt to save money by reducing protein quality and loading up on junk content.

To protect yourself from these less-than ethical manufacturers, you have to become adept at reading nutritional facts panels. Beware of undocumented protein content expressed as combinations. For instance, if a manufacturer lists " whey protein isolate and whey concentrates," you can bet you're getting mostly inferior ion-exchanged whey concentrate. Likewise, beware of "bargains."

Since many "econowheys" already typically contain lesser-quality whey concentrates, those compromises can mean added dextrose and maltodextrin, or added inert gelatins and fillers that (technically speaking) can be classified as " protein content," though they have no anabolic potential.

Finally, a select few manufacturers are trying to hold the line on costs by purchasing elite-quality proteins in bulk, cutting out middle-men protein wholesalers, and passing the savings along to consumers. Here again, being able to read and understand a nutritional label will ensure that you get real value for your protein dollar.

Although pricing in the protein market has risen sharply in recent years, the good news is that thanks to a recent major scientifi c advancement, we may actually have available to us TODAY the single best protein value ever offered. The way we look at it is like this. We consume protein to help build muscle. In the past, we had to consume massive amounts of protein to build only a small amount of muscle over a long period of time. The reason for this is that the previous generation of proteins were somewhat slow acting and in many cases poorly absorbed. Now thanks to a new elite form of protein, we can get much greater biological benefi t from a much smaller amount of protein. Ultimately, this can mean greater results from less protein in much shorter amounts of time.

This new advancement that has recently taken the bodybuilding world by storm is a specialized  premium form of whey protein hydrolysate. This is the elite form of ultra fast-acting protein that professional bodybuilders use religiously after each workout to stimulate rapid muscle synthesis during the critical window of opportunity for growth that occurs post training. There are vastly varying grades of whey hydrolysate but recently a premium form has hit the market that yields a high percentage of small chain peptides that can be absorbed quickly enough to optimize the timing for substantial muscle synthesis. This can literally mean the difference between dramatic growth and a wasted workout. This is why BioQuest's MyoZene has become so popular among elite pro bodybuilders. It provides, by a significant margin, the highest level of hydrolysis of any product we've found anywhere. While other products contain mostly slow acting large chain polypeptides, MyoZene is the only product we've seen that provides the fastest acting di- and tri- peptides which are absorbed into the bloodstream almost instantly upon ingestion. For all out muscle growth, an ultra hydrolyzed protein such as MyoZene consumed immediately after high intensity training represents the best protein option available (see regular MyoZene in the Muscle Building Category or the low-carb version, MyoZene UltraPro in Premium Proteins).

While fast-acting whey hydrolysate is most useful after training, to support optimal growth and recovery during other times of the day, there are a number of excellent choices.

First and foremost on the list would be an ultra premium product like our elite new NytroWhey Ultra which provides the highest grade of Ultra/Cross Flow Micro-Filtrated Whey Protein Isolate rich in natural growth factors and critical microfractions not found in standard grade proteins along with an added dose of whey hydrolysate to jumpstart the transport of amino acids into muscle tissue upon ingestion. In essence this is a relatively fast acting protein with the highest possible biological value and the most perfect ratio of muscle-building amino acids and powerful growth factors. This product has become one of the all-time best sellers because its quality is truly unsurpassed in virtually every aspect. ProSource has sourced this highly specialized protein from the world's premier whey protein supplier for unparalleled purity and potency. The legendary NytroWhey line is what has made ProSource a leader in the bodybuilding world and this latest version is by far the best yet. Likewise, the original NytroWhey and NytroWhey Extreme are both premium and highly anabolic muscle fuels that offer ultra high grade whey isolate ideal for maintaining positive nitrogen balance and promoting new muscle synthesis.

NytroWhey Ultra contains a unique blend of superior quality CFM whey isolate and whey hydrolysate (thus combining a fastand ultra-fast acting protein source). The particular proteins used in this product are of a much higher grade than what is used in most competitive products. As a result, the NytroWhey products yield superior biological values and contain potent growth factors not found in standard proteins. These superior proteins are found in all of the NytroWhey brands and are one of the primary reasons that NytroWhey has literally dominated this category for nearly a decade. The result is extraordinary biological values and truly amazing taste. And the best part is that since ProSource eliminates the middlemen and sells these ultra-grade proteins direct to consumer, we are able to keep the price close to what lesser quality standard proteins sell for. Longer-interval, timed-release proteins occupy an important place in your regimen as well. Here, you're looking for a blend of WPI with slowerabsorbing proteins like egg albumen and micellar casein. These proteins are ideal for use prior to anticipated gaps in protein consumption such as during the work day, when traveling, and most notably prior to bedtime. A product like NytroPlex-GF, for example contains each of these critical nutrients in signifi cant amounts, plus an anabolic lipid blend for sustained anabolic support.One thing that sets NytroPlex-GF apart from standard grade proteins is the inclusion of it's highly growth factor rich micellar casein. Some experts believe that this specialized form of casein may offer an added muscle-building edge beyond any other form of protein available thanks to its powerful spectrum of critical growth factors not found in other forms. Recent customer feedback seems to support this theory as NytroPlex-GF has emerged as one of our highest rated muscle-building proteins of all time.

Here at ProSource, providing the best protein products available has been our passion since day one and clearly our uncompromising commitment to superior quality has not gone unnoticed by consumers. Currently the premium ProSource protein brands outsell all other proteins in our line up combined. A growing number of elite bodybuilders and other professional athletes have relied on the ultra-premium grade ProSource proteins for over a decade for one simple reason. They are truly unequalled in quality, purity, value, and popularity. This is one category that has truly progressed by leaps and bounds over the past decade. The great news is that there are now a number of outstanding "5 star" protein choices available as you'll see in the preceding pages.

Editor's Note:

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