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There are many reasons to seriously consider ensuring you get appropriate doses of fish oil in your diet for general health and recovery. Unless you consume deep water fish on a regular basis, there is a good chance you may not be getting adequate intakes. Beyond reducing your risk for disease and improving overall health, there may be specific reasons to supplement with fish oil to enhance body composition.
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Emerging studies have linked fish oil intake to better insulin sensitivity, more efficient fat metabolism, regulation of muscle growth, and metabolic rate.  To investigate the effects of fish oil on body composition researchers had healthy untrained subjects supplement with 4 grams per day of fish oil (providing 1,600 mg EPA and 800 mg DHA) or a safflower oil placebo. After 6 weeks, the fish oil group showed greater increases in fat free mass and loss in fat mass. The fish oil group also had lower salivary cortisol levels. The changes in cortisol were significantly associated with changes in body composition. Thus, the lower catabolic stress in the fish oil group as indicated by reduced cortisol may partially explain the greater fat loss and increased lean mass. This study adds to several others that collectively highlight the importance of fish oil for improved health, body composition and performance.

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