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Fight Inflammation With Neptune Krill Oil

If you have not considered inflammation important then think again. Inflammation plays a critical role in just about all major diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis and cancer to name a few. In fact, reducing inflammatory compounds is arguably more important than lowering cholesterol for preventing heart disease. Exercise also increases inflammation, and if not balanced properly can lead to chronic overtraining and suboptimal adaptations to training. It makes sense to have a nutritional plan to combat inflammation to speed recovery and promote health. Neptune Krill Oil (NPO) is a naturally rich source of omega-3 fatty acids that has shown potent anti-inflammatory and other health effects. A recent study showed that people with moderate inflammatory conditions had a marked reduction in the well established inflammatory marker c-reactive protein with daily supplementation of NPO (300 mg/day). Significant reductions in this marker were evident within a couple weeks. Unlike many other sources of omega-3s, NPO doesn't contain dangerous levels of mercury or lead and has a longer shelf life because it has a very unique structure that contain phospholipids specially integrated with the fatty acids and natural antioxidants including astaxanthin, an immune-supporting carotenoid that guards cell membranes from free radical damage. NPO is a highly efficient antioxidant and anti-inflammatory supplement that can promote an overall healthy metabolic balance to enhance health and recovery from exercise sessions.

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