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Elliott Subervi

Starting Weight: 305 lbs
Current Weight: 182 lbs

Time it took to complete Transformation: 3 years

My Story: I started my road to body building in November of 2007 at 305 pounds I was borderline diabetic and extremely obese. Although I carried my weight equally distributed I was uncomfortable in my clothing and was sporting a 46 inch waist and wearing XXL shirts. My jacket size peeked at a svelte 52 and I was finding it difficult and near impossible to even bend over to tie my shoes. I joined a local WOW gym and started my process. I dove into it full steam and quickly learned the in's and out's of supplements and cardio for quick weight loss. It took me a few months to approach the free weight area of my gym, but after I got there.... that's where I stayed and currently remain. With Gaspari Nutritional supps I have taken myself from over 40% body fat to below 11.5% and now am holding fast at 182 pounds. I am dedicated to continuing this process and hope to compete in 2013 in some sort of amateur competition. This is now a way of life and I know that it consists of 20% gym and 80% nutrition.

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