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Elevate Your Workouts With the KAGED MUSCLE

If there was ever a prime time to pay special attention to the things you're putting in your body, it's around the workout window. Getting things right here is going to be imperative to your performance, recovery, fat-burning potential and growth. Choosing to ignore the importance of getting your workout window supplementation right is going to be like a big ball and chain around your ankle.

Before we get into it, I'd appreciate the opportunity to give you a concise overview of KAGED MUSCLE as a brand and the thought process which has gone into creating what is one of the fastest growing supplement lines in history!

The industry has never been more confusing and the sad matter of fact is that the majority of brands are here to line their pockets, not support your transformation goals. As a regular guy just like you I find this difficult to accept and beyond frustrating. KAGED MUSCLE was conceived to serve real people with real goals, who want the transparency and quality they deserve. Does that sound more like it to you?

Every product of ours carries the illustrious MICROPURE guarantee which means all of our products are voluntarily third-party-batch tested, so you're assured that all of our label claims stand up to scrutiny. With an industry full of scandals and stories of under dosing and inferior ingredient use, we want to stand out to assure you of our word.

Our products are made with PATENTED ingredients which are of the purest forms in the world. Few other supplement companies use these same ingredients because they are too expensive and effect their margins, but we choose to put you first.

Every ingredient is dosed to the latest scientific research, to guarantee you're getting the required amount to experience the benefits associated with each of our ingredients.

This all might sound a bit corny to you, but I will stand by all of these claims personally and put my name to them. You might find this crazy, but I even buy my own products off my company to remain in your shoes so I'm always experiencing these products the same way you are. As a customer and believer in the brand.

With that background story intact, I'm going to show you exactly why the KAGED MUSCLE "PIP" stack is your ultimate "go to" in the workout window.


The pre-workout era has seen a lot of very poor supplements come to market with the main goal of filling you with cheap, inferior stimulants for "perceived" effect. PRE-KAGED delivers based on real science, giving you the ingredients you need to get that mind-to-muscle neuro-connection firing. This is the route to the best pump you've ever had and the most intense workout to date.

Here are some of the main stats of PRE-KAGED:

  • 6.5g of Pure L-Citrulline
  • Patented Capsimax thermogenic amplifier
  • 3.5g fermented BCAAs
  • 3g fermented leucine
  • 2g Taurine
  • 500mg Tender coconut water
  • 274mg organic caffeine (PurCaf)
  • 1.6g Patented Carnosyn (Beta-alanine)
  • 2g Patented BetaPower (Betaine Anhydrous)

This concoction of the world's best ingredients means that you will immediately amplify your ability to torch through body fat, resist fatigue, experience a skin-bursting pump and build muscle faster.


This product has quickly dominated the intra-workout category of the supplement world because it delivers on its promise time and time again, you can rely on it. IN-KAGED helps reload your anabolic fuel tank as your workout progresses so that you don't falter under the persistent pressure of catabolism and fatigue with 14g of the purest ingredients from around the world.

Once you've used IN-KAGED you won't be able to train again without it...

Here are some of the main stats of IN-KAGED:

  • 5g of fermented BCAAs at a scientifically proven 2:1:1 ratio
  • 3g of fermented L-citrulline
  • 1.6g of Carnosyn (Beta-alanine)
  • 124mg of organic caffeine (PurCaf)
  • 500mg of Tender coconut water
  • 1g of Taurine
  • 500mg L-Tyrosine

This formulation helps perpetuate the momentum gained in the pre-workout window by using PRE-KAGED, sustaining your performance edge for the duration of your workout. It also tastes incredible, making it very refreshing between sets.


Most of the science you see used to justify the standard post-workout supplements is outdated today. The requirement for carbohydrates isn't what people once thought it was, using a very fast digesting hydrolysed whey isolate will cause a great enough elevation in insulin without carbohydrates.

Much of the protein powders on offer are proprietary blends which are not appropriate for the post-workout window, they take too long to get to the muscle cell.

RE-KAGED is now the undisputed post-workout solution, here's why...

  • 28g NON-GMO whey protein isolate
  • 7g of glutamine and glutamic acid
  • ProHydrolase - a breakthrough enzyme which speeds up the protein absorption even further
  • Patented Creatine HCL
  • BetaPower

What does this all mean to you? Chugging down your RE-KAGED right after your workout is going to rapidly replenish amino acid levels in the blood which is pivotal to muscle regeneration and growth. There's simply no quicker way of (according to the latest research!) initiating recovery in the post-workout window than with RE-KAGED.

It's also got an amazing taste and consistency, just like a natural fruit beverage which makes it very palatable and refreshing, unlike most thick and lumpy protein powders.


That's a brief account of how the KAGED MUSCLE "PIP" stack will bring your results to you that much quicker. I'm not a salesman, so I'm not going to try and "sell" this to you. Instead I'm going to recommend that you give this a shot, and I'll give you my word that you won't feel let down. That I assure you.