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Ed McCourt

Ed McCourt

During a recent trip through New Jersey to Pennsylvania I had the pleasure of sampling one of your Supreme Protein carb conscious bars. I consider myself a protein bar connoisseur; I am always looking for the perfect bar. And I must admit I was completely shocked by how good the bar was. It honestly tasted better than most candy bars on the market but delivered 30 grams of protein instead of 30 grams of sugar. I am very impressed.

I myself am a write and a professor of English at the University of Connecticut, and have no way of promoting this product beyond the possibility of it fitting into one of my columns (which is a possibility, but would be a stretch). I do, however, know a woman who own a chain of low-carb lifestyle stores titled "my low-carb life." I also have two friends who are personal trainers in different fitness centers. I have told them about the product and have considered purchasing a box online (which I probably will still do), but thought I†™d send this note asking if you had a few small samples of your product I could provide to these people. The woman who owns the low-carb store already told me she would love to carry the product if it is as good as I make it out to be, and I know a sample will convince her. Hopefully the two personal trainers and the manager of my campus book store will be convinced as well. A product as good as this needs to be out there (and hence, more readily available to me!).

Thank you for your time and for creating such and outstanding product.