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Eclipse All Previous Limits With The Ultimate Muscle Performance Enhancement System


When the researchers at CellDyne set out to revolutionize pre-workout science, they didn't start by adding a few new bells and whistles to already existing technologies. Instead they debated the concept itself. What is a pre-workout? What should it be designed to achieve? Is it meant to provide a short-term bump in training output and endurance? Or should its impact be more wide-ranging, longer lasting, and comprehensive? And if so, how could this outcome be attained?

In short order, they agreed that the aim of pre-workout formulas currently on the market was too limited and short-sighted. They tended to be long on stimulant content and short on science. What was needed was a true agent of muscle-performance maximization, a technology that would not only expand the body's capacity for work, but also increase the body's ability to benefit (in terms of strength and muscle mass) from that enhanced workload. From this guiding philosophy, VyoCore was born. VyoCore represents nothing less than a full-scale re-imagining of what a pre-workout can be and what it should do.

 It's Time To Go Beyond The Buzz

If peak performance could be obtained by simply taking a jaw-clenching dose of stimulant content, most currently available pre-workout formulas would have you covered. Their primary component is often a proprietary "energy blend" made up of potent doses of raw caffeine anhydrous content (as much as 300 mg) combined with redundant extra doses of yohimbine, theobromine and other stimulants. The end result of this rather primitive jump-start is more likely to be a headache, jitters, and a swift energy crash than a higher level of performance.

VyoCore is so much more than a simple garden-variety pre-workout. In fact, its creators have dispensed with the signifier "pre-workout" entirely. VyoCore is designed to support every aspect of athletic performance, endurance, recovery, hydration, mind-muscle connection, strength and muscle mass increase. It is a multi-pathway technology designed to take your workouts to the next level and help you compete more successfully in all strength and endurance sports, not just over the short term but as part of an ongoing sustained progress of performance improvement. Finally, it should be noted that in a time when some unscrupulous manufacturers have been found to be spiking their pre-workout formulas with banned or even dangerous ingredients, VyoCore is 100% guaranteed to be absolutely free of any banned or illegal substances whatsoever.   

Advanced Mechanisms to Enhance
Muscle Strength, Thickness and Endurance

Big muscles produce more work output, and more work output makes for bigger muscles. This is a virtuous cycle that VyoCore is specifically designed to nurture and sustain. Supporting muscle mass and strength is just one area in which VyoCore is light years ahead of existing pre-workout formulas. Whereas those products might (or might not) contain one ingredient dedicated to size and strength increase, VyoCore is composed of a number of advanced mechanisms, working in tandem and based on the latest sports nutrition science, dedicated to that goal.

First and foremost among them is a patented form of adenosine 5*-triphosphate disodium, identical to actual human ATP, that has been linked in clinical studies to a whole host of performance and physique benefits. In a landmark double-blind, placebo-controlled study conducted by researchers at the University of Tampa, twenty-one resistance trained males took either 400 mg of Peak ATP® (the clinically indicated dosage contained in VyoCore) or placebo. Muscle mass, strength and power were measured at baseline and at weeks 4, 8, and 12. The results were dramatic. Test subjects who supplemented with Peak ATP® experienced an average of 147% increase in strength compared to placebo (55.3 kg vs. 22.4 kg), as well as a 30% increase in power (796 vs. 614 watts), a 100% increase in lean body mass (4.0 kg vs. 2.1 kg), and a 96% increase in muscle thickness (4.9 mm vs. 2.5 mm).  



Peak ATP® has also been linked to increases in muscle excitability (the muscle's ability to contract when stimulated), levels of intercellular calcium, blood flow, nutrient delivery, and waste removal. All of these outcomes are significant factors in supporting enhanced muscle endurance and postponement of fatigue.

You need to support and fuel dozens of bodily processes that combine in perfect synergy to maximize muscle size, strength, and endurance. And that's what VyoCore provides. In addition to Peak ATP®, VyoCore also contains a powerful vector designed to support carnosine levels in muscle tissue. Carnosine (a combination of the amino acids beta alanine and histidine) acts as a lactic acid buffering agent in muscle tissue, and decreases in it are associated with the onset of fatigue, muscle "burn" under stress, and loss of strength. It is commonly believed that most normal diets do not contain enough of the amino acid precursors to carnosine production required to increase athletic performance.


VyoCore remedies this situation with the inclusion of a key active ingredient that has been validated in 55 scientific studies, been shown to be highly bioavailable, remain in the body longer for maximum muscle retention, and most importantly, has been associated with a number of training benefits. Clinical studies have shown that supplementation with this carnosine-supporting mechanism has resulted in 80% increases in muscle carnosine over a ten-week period and more than a 16% increase in physical work capacity. Test subjects supplementing with this compound have experienced improved muscle endurance, decreased acidosis, and better performance in high-intensity interval training.  

VyoCore also contains a number of other key compounds to support maximized muscular power and performance, including specialized aminos essential to the support of protein synthesis and recovery, as well as key precursors to enhanced vasodilation and muscle pump. Another key active ingredient has been linked to increased exercise tolerance and lower levels of blood ammonia and lactase, two waste compounds produced during exercise.

The Rest of the Perfect Perfomance  
Equation: Hydration, Focus, and Energy

Strength arises from a solid foundation of peak cellular function as maintained by proper hydration. Lactic acid buffering is one such function and so is the cellular synthesis of creatine, carnitine and epinephrine. Researchers recently have been investigating the role of an advanced osmolytic agent that facilitates these cellular reactions. This agent, contained in VyoCore, has been shown to help support cell hydration and volume during the dehydration, stress, and metabolite accumulation associated with high-intensity exercise. Indeed, in a published College of New Jersey study, athletes supplementing with this agent experienced an increase of 30% in squat repetitions after 7 days of supplementation and 60% after 14 days, as well as significant increases in the quality of repetitions performed.


This advanced performance maximizer can also interact synergistically with other strength and power-enhancing factors to support performance. A recent study published in the journal Amino Acids investigated the strength-enhancing potential of the ingestion of a combination of this osmolytic agent and cell-volumizing creatine monohydrate. Over a 10 day period, study participants supplemented with placebo, creatine, or a combination of the osmolytic agent and creatine. As expected, when creatine monohydrate was provided, significantly greater levels of muscle phosphocreatine were found in comparison to the placebo-supplemented subjects. Additionally, supplementation with creatine and the cell-hydrating osmolytic significantly increased the power output during the squat exercise and these changes were found to be significantly greater than the changes made with the placebo group. Upper-body power using the bench press was also found to be significantly increased when creatine was added to the diet. In addition to increasing upper-body and lower-body power production, creatine/osmolytic supplementation led to significantly greater increases in maximal upper-body and lower-body strength as well.

Fortunately, VyoCore has you covered when it comes to creatine monohydrate as well. Creatine monohydrate's benefits for athletes have been validated in hundreds of studies showing its positive effects on strength and endurance increase, training capacity, muscle mass, and overall cell hydration and volumization. The creatine monohydrate found in VyoCore is, naturally, the world's best. Creapure® creatine, manufactured by AlzChem of Germany, is the purest, most potent form of creatine monohydrate. Its unequaled purity level, combined with its stability and bioavailability, facilitate greater absorption, greater cell volumization and greater gains in lean muscle growth than those associated with any other creatine.  

VyoCore also contains a patented form of glycerine powder which has been shown to keep athletes hyper-hydrated for extended periods of time, thereby prolonging endurance time and pump response and even lowering mean heart rate.



All of which brings us to focus and energy. Most pre-workout formulas contain a raw and unsophisticated form of caffeine anhydrous, often augmented with extra stimulant content such as yohimbine and theobromine. The result of this combination can be a pretty rough, jittery ride followed by an abrupt energy crash. Not exactly what you're looking for in the midst of your workout or athletic competition, right?

The energy-boosting component in VyoCore is different. VyoCore contains a 90% pure organic caffeine derived from green coffee beans. Designed to deliver a clean, powerful boost in energy, mental alertness and performance, this compound is non-GMO-sourced and provided in a precision-targeted 225 mg dose intended to provide maximized benefit without over-stimulation. VyoCore further supports the mind-muscle connection with advanced co-factors that facilitate neurotransmitters in the brain linked to cognitive function and stress relief.

The Tiny Scoop Paradox

All the best ingredients in the world will achieve little benefit for you if they're provided in clinically insufficient amounts, a practice known in the sports supplement industry as "pixie dusting." High-quality raw materials and the clinical testing associated with legitimate research and development tend to be expensive. Unscrupulous manufacturers like to appropriate the claims linked to these ingredients while providing insignificant amounts of the ingredient itself. Supplements made by such manufacturers tend to have undisclosed amounts of such ingredients all lumped together in "proprietary blends." How much of that supplement you're taking is composed of active ingredients? How much is filler and flavoring and empty bulk? It's hard to say.


And then there's the tiny scoop. We're aware of a number of prominent pre-workout powders, common fixtures in gyms, especially among younger or novice athletes, that make many extravagant claims about their efficacy and ingredients. You pop open these containers, however, and you're greeted with comically small 6-gram or 8-gram serving scoops. How much active ingredient can you fit in that tiny serving size?

When you look at the VyoCore container, you'll see that each ingredient is documented with an exact dosage that corresponds to dosages cited in clinical studies. The ingredients themselves are brand name products used in those studies, not generic equivalents that have no clinical backing. A single serving size of VyoCore is 19 grams because many essential ingredients need to be provided in clinically active amounts. VyoCore is performance optimization entirely based on the latest sports nutrition science and applied with the strictest attention paid to every clinical detail.

Welcome to the Future of Muscle Performance Maximization

Pre-workout formulas have never been so popular as they are today. It seems virtually everyone has one in their gym bag. And yet, the science of pre-workout formulation has been static and unchanging for years. This status quo is changing right now with the appearance of VyoCore from CellDyne.

VyoCore does so much more than amp you up for a workout. Its multi-pathway array of endurance, power, strength, recovery, hydration, energy and focus optimizers works in perfect tandem to create the ideal bodily environment for performance enhancement that you can sustain from workout to workout, athletic contest to athletic contest. Take a single dose of VyoCore and you'll recognize right away the vast leap forward it represents in performance maximization science, even as it raises your physique and your game to the highest levels.

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