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David J McMullen

I love the bars! I waited a long, long time for them to become available, and being that the local 7-11 is charging $3.99/bar I decided to wait till you guys got them back in stock. YOU GUYS NAILED IT! They are super yummy. I have been lifting for some time and always got some decent results in the gym without supplements, however, a guy at my gym pointed me in the right direction with ProSource and I have used you ever since. I tried many products from your company, including MuscleTech (not too happy about).

I ordered about 2 months ago and when I called I explained to a Damien that I wanted to get bigger and leaner at the same time. He was very informative and put together a supplement package that included Myozene, Tetrazene, AndroTest and Nytrowhey Extreme. I told him I would call him back to let him know the progress, however, I wanted to write in and let you guys know that again. YOU NAILED IT!! Damien gave me the advice I needed to push through where I was, he joked with me, and put my mind at ease about ordering. I will continue to do biz with you guys. The Nytrowhey is the best protein, both taste wise and value wise, the Myozene just kicks ass all around and the AndroTest has me pushing past points I was stuck at before. Thanks ProSource!!!