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Creatine's Impact on the Interference Effect of Concurrent Training

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Many people train to build strength and power, but also desire to have good endurance.  To effectively accomplish both of these outcomes you need to resistance train using heavy weights and high intensity and also be a regular with various types of cardio to build up your endurance.  Unfortunately, muscle has a hard time effectively responding to both types of training stimulus.  This is called the interference effect and it's well reported that increases in maximal strength and power are negatively impacted by consistent aerobic training. 

A recent study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology examined the ability of creatine supplementation to offset the interference effect that occurs with acute bouts of both aerobic and resistance exercise (de Salles Painelli, Alves et al. 2014).  Four different combinations were tested where subjects completed either a bout of continuous intensity aerobic exercise or intermittent "interval" style aerobic exercise and followed them with a lower-body and upper-body strength endurance test (4 sets of maximal repetitions at 80% 1RM).  Both creatine and placebo supplementation were followed for a one week period and the authors concluded that creatine was able to maintain strength endurance performance using the leg press after intermittent aerobic exercise while placebo performance decreased.  Using the bench press, creatine was able to significantly increase strength endurance performance when performed after either form of aerobic exercise while similar performance was not impacted by placebo supplementation.

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