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Creatine Boosts Brain Power

There is overwhelming evidence that creatine supplementation helps build bigger muscles. The mechanism probably involves improved energy status because creatine accumulates in muscles and provides a very critical source of ATP. A new line of research has investigated possible benefits of creatine in other tissues. One area that has sparked interest is the brain. Creatine is an important source of energy for cells in the brain that have high metabolic needs required for processes like working and long-term memory. Prior work using magnetic resonance spectroscopy has shown that creatine supplementation results in significant increases in creatine levels in the human brain. Following up on this work, British researchers supplemented older adults with placebo or creatine for one week. Subjects completed a battery of cognitive tests that assessed verbal and spatial short- and long-term memory. Creatine supplementation enhanced several of the tests including forward number recall, forward and backward spatial recall, and long-term memory. These findings add to a line of research indicating that creatine supplementation improves cognitive functioning. Creatine supplementation appears to enhance both muscle and brain power.

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