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Cory Gregory Is In The Best Shape Of His Life . . . At Age 36!

Cory Gregory Is In The Best Shape  Of His Life . . . At Age 36!
The Fitness Guru Shares His Secrets for
Improving Upon the Ultimate Mindset & Physique!
Long-time visitors to know that MusclePharm co-founder and executive vice president Cory Gregory is a guy we like to talk to. We’ve talked to him about supplements; we’ve talked to him about the future of our industry and MusclePharm’s place in it. His famously extreme workouts have long been among the most popular training articles we’ve ever run.

Lately, the news about Cory is that he’s taken his physique to a place where few athletes have ever ventured. Always revered for his incredibly defined and rock-hard form, Cory is now, as the photos included here indicate, as savagely ripped as it is possible to be. What could this man’s body fat percentage be? Five percent? Six percent?

Even more impressively, he’s accomplished this impressive feat at age 36, an age where many athletes start to take their foot off the accelerator a little bit, and surrender to the reduced physical capacity that awaits them at forty and beyond. For Cory, however, that fate just wasn’t in the cards. He’s in the best shape of his life, and he’s still focused 100% on new refinements and performance goals.

Cory’s here once again to share his experience and wisdom, and he’s brought a couple of his fiendishly extreme and massively productive workouts, tailored specifically for ProSource readers, with him. You’ll see those workouts featured here and here and here. In the meantime, let’s talk to the man himself, his history, philosophy and inspirations.

ProSource: Welcome back. Cory! You’ve always been famous for your fitness-mag-cover physique. But lately, people are saying that you’ve taken it to a whole new level. What are you doing differently (diet, exercise, supplements) at 36, as opposed to what you were doing at, say, 25?

Cory Gregory:
I’ve had some pretty big shifts in my training over the past year but before I get to that, there’s an overall theme I really need to hit on. You mention my physique going to a new level from 25 to 36 and I truly believe there’s a simple answer to this – I don’t do anything extra special. I just don’t miss a single workout!

I don’t miss workouts, I’m consistent with my diet the majority of the time and I add in the required supplements. On the surface it’s simple: go to the gym, eat right and fill in the rest with the right supplementation. But you would be surprised at how many people can’t stay consistent for even a few months, let alone a 10-year period we’re talking about.

Some of that is a lack of a clear focus or goal. And some of that, I hate to say it, is just being soft. I have daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals that I write down and have in front of me each day. These are goals that I’m passionate about when it comes to training, MusclePharm, and other aspects of my life. Compounded over time, you would be amazed at what you can accomplish. By not missing more than a handful of workouts and eating properly over that time, I’ve managed to make some pretty stellar progress.

Cory Gregory SquatBut it’s all about consistency and being dedicated to the process. I’m passionate about lifting and training so it’s easy to challenge myself and reach new goals. Too many people want immediate results in 3 or 4 months. That can happen, but to make major changes, it takes year upon year of consistent training and diet, especially for a drug-free athlete. That’s a lost idea in today’s world, but my background has engrained that in me.

As far as training, I made a pretty big change a year ago. I decided to squat every single day. For what is now approaching 365 days, I have not missed a squat workout. I’ve done a ton of variations, set-ups, etc., but no matter what, I’ve squatted every day. I’ve noticed some pretty big changes in my physique but it’s also pushed my mental capabilities that much further.

ProSource: Talk to us about the mental discipline required to achieve your goals, and then set new ones. What is the mindset required to keep advancing, even when many people may think you’ve already taken your physique as far as it can go?

Cory Gregory: It really comes down to having a tunnel vision on your goals. This is something I’ve really emphasized to people who seem to wander around aimlessly. You need to have a goal; you need to make sure you’re passionate about that goal and you need to write it down. Just having a goal and keeping it in your mind isn’t good enough. I always say, “out of sight, out of mind,” and that holds true here.

If that goal is written down and in front of you, you’ll have a much better chance of reaching it. I know this from my own experience. Like I said, I’m constantly writing down new goals and checking off current ones.

It’s also important to figure out what your goals should be. My goals are going to be different than your goals, as they should be. We’re all different, but you can’t just use someone else’s and make them your own. If you’re not passionate about that focus, it’s going to hold you back. There’s no doubt about that.

ProSource: What do you have to say for the man or woman who is 36 (or 40, or 45) and feels that their body just isn’t responding anymore, and that they need to set their goals lower in response?

Cory Gregory:
I would say that they would maybe need to revaluate what they’re going after. I’ve changed my training focus a number of different times over the years, but I’m still able to hit PRs and reach goals I didn’t do, even earlier in my lifting prime.

My deadlift and squat PRs have dramatically increased this past year and I’ve still managed to stay lean and athletic. You have to become more in tune to your body and listen to what it is telling you, but there’s no reason you still can’t achieve great things in the gym.

I still train intensely and push myself, but I’m definitely smarter in the gym. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Be flexible, set some different goals and I’m positive you can surprise yourself. But I definitely don’t suggest lowering your goals. No matter your age, the body is still capable of great things.

ProSource: Let’s talk about your history a little bit. When did you know that you wanted to devote your life to fitness and athletic pursuits? Can you describe that “a-ha!” moment when you thought, “This is what I want to do!”

Cory Gregory:
The only thing I enjoyed, and this going back to my freshman year in high school, was working sport and playing sports. By the time I was a junior, I liked it even more than sports. Once I found out my senior year that a personal training job existed, I was in. Lifting weights really represented the ideal of what I wanted to do.

ProSource: Before you ever walked onto a competitive stage or graced a magazine cover, you worked underground, as a miner. That’s the hardest job there is. Is there any one thing you learned down there that still informs your approach to life today?

Cory Gregory
: I definitely learned a lot about work ethic and not having a “woe is me” attitude. It was the ultimate grind and I saw guys that started work early and worked late and did it for multiple days in a row. It was a different mentality, that blue-collar mindset that not a lot of people have seen.

I think I learned that high-level dedication and it’s carried over into how I train people and train myself. Training was also my way out of that and that made me put a lot of effort into being a successful trainer.

ProSource: Some people start going to the gym at 20; you opened your own gym at 20! How did the Cory Gregory approach to training begin to form in that first gym? What kinds of things did you learn about fitness and physique there?

Cory Gregory:
My first approach as a trainer was a combination of golden era bodybuilding with cardio mixed in for my clients. My workouts were really different and that’s what I saw right away in this industry. There was a lot of what I call clipboard training, where the person knew exactly what they were going to be doing every time they trained. My approach was different and it made me creative. I made sure my clients never did the same workout twice and I always kept them guessing. That made me stand out and that has carried over to today.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Cory GregoryProSource: You’ve had a long professional relationship with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Can you share a little bit about your relationship with him? What is it about Arnold that inspires you so? What do you guys talk about when you’re together?

Cory Gregory:
Arnold is a huge icon and I’ve always looked up to him. Getting to learn from him is amazing. To have that chance to ask him for advice on training or business and having him as a business partner, it’s a dream come true. Every time I’m around him I feel like I need to elevate my game. That’s what he does indirectly to everyone he comes across. He just has that effect on people.

He has no boundaries on what he can accomplish, literally. He has proven people wrong time and time again. Every time you’re around him he opens your mind up to new possibilities.

ProSource: You’re a member of Arnold’s fitness advisory board. Can you briefly describe what your duties there entail? What kinds of things are on the “to-do” list for Arnold’s organization? How rewarding is that work?

Cory Gregory:
I write articles for his website. To be known as an expert on Arnold’s website, that’s an honor. Arnold reads all articles on his site and that was where, I think, he recognized me as a guy who had a passion for the Golden Era of Bodybuilding.

ProSource: Speaking of long relationships, MusclePharm and ProSource have had a strong working relationship for many years now. What's most important about a supplement retailer for you?

Cory Gregory:
I think we have a similar philosophy. For both of us, the customer always comes first. Service, selection, pricing and knowledgeable customer service are always the main benefits of the ProSource experience. That’s a strategic vision that fits with our brand very well.

ProSource: Let’s talk workouts. You’re in a hotel room. You don’t have a single piece of gym equipment. Not even a weight. What’s an absolutely killer workout you could do in 30 minutes?

Cory Gregory:
That’s easy. We’re going to do a giant set of 1-minute squat, 1-minute pushups, 1-minute bench dips, 1-minute bicycles, 1-minute alternating lunges and 1-minute calf raises. Try to get as many reps in as you can in a minute for each movement. Do that 5 times with no rest and I guarantee you’ll be spent.

ProSource: We all know your workouts are incredibly intense. We’ve linked to a number of those workouts right here. Let’s talk about another leg in the three-legged stool of total fitness. Not training or nutrition, but rest. Do you have a philosophy of rest? Is there such a thing as an “off” day for Cory Gregory?

Cory Gregory:
Well, at this point I don’t really have a real “off” day where I do nothing. I’ve been squatting every day for nearly a year, so that means seven days a week, every week, I’m getting under the bar and going to work. There are days when it’s a lighter load or maybe I’ll just squat and be done. That usually falls on a Sunday, but I have become a big believer in doing something every day. I think it really helps your body. I’ve felt much fresher for the most part; my joints feel much better on a day-to-day basis. I think that constant blood flow and workflow plays a major part in that.

ProSource: You’ve participated in 14 drug-free bodybuilding events. This approach to the sport is obviously important to you. What do you say to the young people coming up, who are clearly being exposed to the siren call of steroids?

Cory Gregory RippedCory Gregory:
It’s not necessary to take them in this day and age. People appreciate the leaner, natural look and you can be really successful in this industry with a natural body. I don’t think it’s necessary to take steroids to accomplish great things. I’m a lifetime drug-free athlete and I’ve never touched them in my life.

ProSource: Finally, you’re approached by someone who’s not really in good shape, but would like to be. What is a single indispensable bit of advice or inspiration you could give that person to set them on the road to health and good fitness?

Cory Gregory:
Write down a goal and get to work. I would recommend a smaller goal to start -- say lose 10 pounds -- and then have their overall goal listed as well. That way it’s divided up so you’re motivated to reach these mini-goals en route to the big one. Continue to set those smaller goals -- making sure to write them down -- and that makes the big goal much more manageable.

Obviously, diet plays a huge part in it, but it’s just about being consistent with a plan. It doesn’t have to be a drastic crash diet as long as you’re consistent and simply doing something every day. Even a 20-minute workout can get someone headed in the right direction.

ProSource: Thanks for stopping by, Cory. As always, you can find Cory at his very popular twitter page @MusclepharmPres (600K followers and growing!).

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