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Almost everyone is familiar with creatine but less has been publicized on sodium bicarbonate supplementation. Sodium bicarbonate is a buffer, meaning that it buffers increases in acid, which occur during high-intensity exercise. The combination of Creatine and sodium bicarbonate was hypothesized to increase swim performance compared to placebo. In a randomized, double-blind, cross-over design test, subjects received either creatine (20 g/day) for 6 days followed by sodium bicarbonate (0.3 g/kg body mass) 2 hours before exercise or placebo. Swim performance was assessed by 2 maximal 100-meter freestyle swims separated by 10 min. Creatine and bicarbonate supplementation improved swim time during the second 100 meter swim compared to placebo. Since there was no group that consumed creatine or bicarbonate alone, it is impossible to know if the creatine, the bicarbonate, or the interaction of both supplements was responsible for the ergogenic effect. Nevertheless, a combination of both supplements did improve swim performance.

Mero AA, Keskinen KL, Malvela MT, Sallinen JM. Combined creatine and sodium bicarbonate supplementation enhances interval swimming. J Strength Cond Res. 2004 May;18(2):306-10.