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Colorado Pro/Am Classic
Colorado is known to be sunny 300 days of the year but an extra beam of sunlight was magnified in Denver over a couple more days when Shawn Ray decided to hold the inaugural The VYOTECH Shawn Ray Colorado Pro/Am Classic here. The City looked as hygienic as Jay Cutler's teeth and had plenty of restaurants and entertainment nearby to the host hotel to make this event one to remember. The convention center was within walking distance of the hotel but frequent free shuttles were on hand to drive the athletes to and from as they pleased. On the Saturday morning when the amateur competitors were about to leave for prejudging, it was noticed that the bus driver hadn't shown up to transport the athletes to the show. Always quick to think on his feet, Shawn Ray jumped behind the wheel of the huge bus to take them there himself. That's what I call multi-tasking. On to the main event and it was excitement followed by anticipation floating around throughout the dry air in Denver that did well to keep the hairs raised on the back of many necks backing Phil Heath to take home the spoils. The local fans and family that were in attendance all raised to their feet when their homeboy hero was announced in first place, taking out Darrem Charles and David Henry along his merry way. Phil weighed at 215 which was a full 8lbs heavier than his USA win last year although he seemed to have added more size than this, his illusion was further advanced by the unreal striated sinew that was sitting on his youthful frame. Weaves of sliced muscle were protruding from his much improved back as well his triceps, quads and whatever else he decided to use as ammunition to take charge of others on his competitive battle field. Watching this youngster and Pro rookie take charge was inspiring and gave a new hope to the sport which has needed some fresh slabs of carved meat for some time. Closely relegated to inhale Phil's smoke was six time pro winner Darrem Charles who on this day was no slouch and looked threatening to take home the bacon. Looking larger and diced at first glance the motion looked to be swaying towards Charles's ocean but as time passes through prejudging Darrem's tide smoothen out which was enough for Phil to ride the wave to victory. The only thing that slows Darrem's flow of lines is his need to add more size to his wheels that again had the new deep tread of an off road Pirelli. One has to feel sorry for third place finisher David Henry. The little big guy looked as good as he could be. He was the hardest he has ever been and if you have ever seen him compete that's saying something. He was unfortunate to be judged against taller guys who stood over him like a head teacher giving out punishment but David stood his own out there and pushed the two guys ahead of him to the wire. Although there isn't much that can be improved on Henry, more attention needs to be directed towards his hamstrings to eradicate and weaknesses that others will prey on. The second Pro rookie in this impressive line up was Marcus Haley. Slipping ahead of some seasoned veterans Marcus came in so tight his skin was shrink wrapped around his body like fresh meat. His legs looked great from the side but it was disappointing image from the front when you compared them to his almighty upper proportion. Much more flare is needed here when he stands in a more competitive line up but his deeply striated glutes and back more than made up for this slight distraction. Would you believe it but another Rookie was holding his head high when he was announced to be rounding out the top five -- Bill Willmore. Bills condition was on par with his Nationals win last year but this time he was slightly larger which made the appearance of his taper more pronounced and served well for his separation. His standout poses were his side chest and lat spread that displayed thick doors of muscle opened up to a new dimension of Bill Willmore. The show ran very smoothly and was a little late finishing (around 11:30) but in all a job well done goes out to Shawn Ray and his Team. Best Presentation award was given to Kai Green - $10,000