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CLA Augments Adaptations To Resistance Training

The has been a lot of interest surrounding CLA as a supplement to enhance fat loss, but few studies have examined the interaction with strength training. A study in Medicine Science in Sport and Exercise reported effects of CLA supplementation (5 g/day) over a 7 week period of whole body resistance training in healthy men and women. Compared to placebo, the group receiving CLA had a greater increase in lean body mass (1.4 vs 0.2 kg), a greater reduction in fat mass (-0.8 vs 0.4 kg) and a greater decrease in percent body fat (-1.3 vs 0.2%). CLA also resulted in significantly greater increases in bench press strength in men and lower levels of a marker of muscle catabolism. Overall, these results provide support for the use of CLA to augment gains in lean body mass and reductions in fat when used during a resistance training program. CLA may achieve these effects by minimizing protein breakdown.

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