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Celebrity Fitness Model Reveals His Secret for Banishing Water Weight Bloat

Everyone wants to look great. But for some people, looking absolutely lean, rock-hard, and highly vascular is essential; it's their livelihood. That's why, whenever top models, celebrities, or athletes gather, a favorite topic of conversation is water weight and how to safely and efficiently get rid of it. Water weight is Enemy #1 for anyone within range of a spotlight or camera lens.

Top fitness models and bodybuilders know that simply taking any off-the-shelf diuretic is not the answer. There are too many risks involved.

"People don't recognize how fine the line is when you're trying to control and reduce water weight," says Remy Feniello, a high-profile model who has appeared on the cover of numerous national publications.

"An inefficient or poorly formulated diuretic will make even the best physique look puffy and flat. On the other hand, you don't want to get too parched and dried out. Ideally, what you're hoping to accomplish with a definition formula is sharply etched, highly defined muscle volume. You want to get rid of that layer of water underneath the skin, that's hiding muscle fiber and striation, while keeping the muscle volume itself intact. To attain that, you need just a little intracellular water to push muscle up and achieve that look. It's a very tricky, delicate balance."

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Razor Ripped achieves a balance between swift action and reliability

Fortunately, the science behind definition formulas has advanced significantly in recent years. Where once athletes and models were forced to rely on a handful of overly harsh products to maintain a sharply cut, ripped-to-the-bone appearance, now a new generation of definition formulas emphasizes precision-targeted diuretic action. Foremost among these technologies is an advanced new product from BioQuest called RazorRipped.

"One of the best things about RazorRipped," Remy says, "is that it's absolutely reliable. I know that I can start taking it, three days out from a photo shoot or event, and it will gradually, effectively reduce water weight to exactly where I need it to be." Razor Ripped's blend of natural botanicals and critical electrolytes helps Remy shed water weight gently and reliably, while eliminating the dehydration and cramping that are typical side effects of inferior products.

Excess water weight is the enemy for an aspiring competitive bodybuilder

In order to shine in the spotlight, bodybuilders must shed as much of the subcutaneous water that is hiding their muscle mass as possible. But shedding too much water too quickly, especially intracellular water that is responsible for critical physiological processes, can be counterproductive and dangerous.

Like Remy, amateur bodybuilder Raffi Melkonian prizes Razor Ripped for its safe, reliable rate of water-shedding activity. "You want to rid yourself of excess water under the skin, but not go overboard," Raffi says. "That, for me, is where Razor Ripped really shines. Its diuretic action is really focused exactly where it should be, so I can use it when I need to, without the risk of cramping.

"Cramping is the worst," he goes on to say. "So many inferior definition formulas work so harshly, that you're cramping almost immediately. Let me tell you, if you're cramping on stage while hitting pose after pose trying to get every muscle fiber to pop, you're done."

Fitness conscious people in all walks of life trust Razor Ripped

Of course, very few people are appearing regularly on the covers of national fitness magazines. But everyone wants to look their absolute best on a very special day, whether that day's event is a high-profile media assignment, a competitive sports event, or even a high-school reunion. No matter what your motivation, it makes sense to use the definition formula the pros rely on.

"My physical image is my livelihood," Remy says. "So I make a point of maintaining my overall conditioning exactly where I want it to be. But water weight can fluctuate significantly from day to day. If I get a call on a day when I'm carrying a couple extra pounds of subcutaneous water weight, I'm in trouble. That's why, when I get a last-minute assignment, I turn to Razor Ripped for the results I need."

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