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Carnitine And Choline Decreases Oxidative Stress

Exercise causes an increase in oxygen consumption and this results in an increase in oxidative stress. If not dealt with appropriately by the body's defense systems, exercise-induced oxidative stress can cause a number of undesirable effects on cell functioning that ultimately impair recovery from exercise and adaptations to training, as well as increase risk for many chronic diseases. Consuming antioxidants is one way to help the body defend against oxidative stress. A recent study examined the independent and combined effects of Carnitine and Choline on markers of oxidative stress after exercise. The study was 3 weeks in duration and subjects engaged in regular exercise 3-5 times per week. Blood was taken at one week intervals to measure TBARS (a standard marker of oxidative stress). One group took choline (0.94 g/day) for one week followed by addition of carnitine (0.7 g/day) for another two weeks. Another group took Carnitine for one week followed by adding Choline for another two weeks. Compared to placebo, both choline and carnitine resulted in significantly lower TBARS at one week and the effect was maintained during the subsequent two weeks when the other supplement was added. The results indicate that either carnitine and choline alone or in combination favorably affect oxidative stress in moderately active people.

Sachan DS, Hongu N, Johnsen M. Decreasing oxidative stress with choline and carnitine in women. J Am Coll Nutr. 2005 Jun;24(3):172-6.