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Caffeine has been shown in many studies to promote greater fat oxidation, spare glycogen, and enhance
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endurance performance. In addition one of the most consistent effects of caffeine is to decrease the rate of perceived exertion. Fewer studies have examined the effects of caffeine on short-term high intensity performance. The limited work that has been done is mixed with some studies showing a positive effect and others no benefit of caffeine. Researchers from United Kingdom tested the effects of caffeine on bench press performance. They had moderately trained men perform two bouts of bench press exercise that involved completing as many repetitions as possible with a load equal to 60% of their one repetition maximum. During one trial subjects consumed caffeine at a dose of 5 mg/kg (about 400 mg caffeine) dissolved in an artificially sweetened water drink 60 min before the bench press test. During the placebo trial they consumed only the sweetened drink without caffeine. Subjects completed 20.4 reps after placebo and 22.4 reps after caffeine. This increase of 2 repetitions was statistically significant. Participants also reported that they felt more vigorous and less fatigued in the caffeine condition. These results indicate that acute caffeine ingestion before resistance exercise can enhance lifting performance and also have positive effects on mood state.
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