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CampOut Back Workout

CampOut Back Workout
[Editor's Note: There is no end to the inventiveness that Cory Gregory brings to his immensely productive workout routines. This week the MusclePharm founder and bodybuilding innovator is attacking your back with a workout that will, as per usual, stress out muscle fibers you never knew you had. Prepare to learn the true meaning of "No pain, no gain." Take it away, Cory!]

This workout was made up by me to literally try and hit every possible fiber in your back with a pulley. I wanted to torch it with every angle and every hand placement that I could think of. This is a great start, but by all means add your own spin if you want to. The basics are volume and as many angles as possible. Have fun!

Workout overview:

Wide-Grip Pullups
Get 50-75 total reps; try to get it in as few sets as possible

Pull downs
We're camping out here for the rest of the workout
Line up 6-8 different handles and do 4 sets of 12 reps with each handle (go heavy and keep good, controlled form)
Do all 4 sets and move to next handle


Wide-Grip Pull down - 4 sets of 12

V-Bar Pull downs - 4 sets of 12


Lat Pull down With Rope Attachment - 4 sets of 12

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Underhand Grip - 4 sets of 12
(Use a Chin up Grip on the straight bar)

Medium Grip - 4 sets of 12

Narrow Grip Pull down - 4 sets of 12

One Arm Pull downs - 4 sets of 12 1 arm at a time

Basically, it's anything you can find
4 sets of 25 ab wheels

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