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Call to Arms

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[Editor's Note: This week, we're proud to introduce a new recurring feature here at ProSource, the Training Madness Series, hosted by one of the true legends in this business: MusclePharm co-founder and celebrated bodybuilder/powerlifter Cory Gregory. In recent years, Cory has emerged as one of the leading emissaries of the bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle in America. In addition to his athletic career and leadership at MusclePharm, Cory is co-owner of The Old School Gym and has been prominently featured in numerous sports and fitness publications. Most importantly, he is firmly established as a role model and teacher for hundreds of thousands of aspiring athletes across the nation. Every day, Cory's social media audience (including a Twitter following of 300,000 people) looks to Cory for guidance and advice on achieving their goals. You can follow Cory @MusclepharmPres. And now Cory will be appearing in this space on the ProSource website to offer his wit, wisdom and hard-earned experience to ProSource readers. Welcome aboard, Cory!]

My training style is what you would definitely call unique. It doesn't fit into any special category and it's definitely not specific to any one style. What it is, though, is intense and outside the box.

I have adapted methods from all areas of fitness. You name it -- bodybuilding, powerlifting, CrossFit, circuits, and conditioning -- and the madness is in there.

So where does this madness come from? Well, truly, it's from trial and error in my own workouts. I am the lab guinea pig in all this and I've never been afraid to try something different or a little out there. From my days competing in natural bodybuilding and powerlifting to studying a number of techniques, to just recently becoming a CrossFit Level I trainer, my training experience covers just about everything.

As you can probably tell, I'm definitely not married to any particular set method.
Or rather, what I'm "married" to is a philosophy of keeping it different and keeping it intense.

That's where the madness comes into play. I'm not afraid of doing something outside the norm, and I certainly don't like doing the same thing over and over.

So, to experience my training madness, you've got to be open to variety and you must bring the intensity. I don't like people being soft and I don't like training soft. This is where it gets intense. This is where it gets mad.

Welcome to my madness...

With that, I present to you Installment #1:

"Bench Dip your ARMS to Death Workout"

Your triceps -- heck, your entire arm -- may hate you after this, but this is one freaky arm workout and you will have the results to prove it after you're done with this one. The idea behind this brutal arm workout came after I always noticed a super nasty pump whenever I did bench dips and did super sets with biceps. The reps were always high, and the results were always killer, so I came to the conclusion that I should do an entire workout that way. It's a lot of bench dips and some people may scream, "Overtraining!" but my response is always the same: More than likely, you're undertrainning.

Guys like Arnold and pretty much all of those golden era bodybuilders were huge on high volume for a lot of good reasons, with one of them being just knowing how to push yourself to new levels.

Plus, this type of volume actually stimulates your hormones naturally when you really get after it in the gym. It's always good to shock the body with something unique and this killer arm workout will definitely do the trick.

Along with the mass amounts of bench dips, there's a mix of old and new techniques to help take that arm pump -- and growth -- to new levels.

So, attack the volume, keep an open mind to new ideas (high volumes, new techniques), enjoy the pump and jump on board with my training madness.

Oh, and for this crazy ARM workout, you WILL need MusclePharm Assault pre-workout formula. Amino1 intra-workout, and some Combat Powder to support your destroyed muscles afterward would be a pretty good idea, too.

Pre-Workout Intra-Workout Post-Workout


Super set
1. 28 Method Curls (7 regular reps 7 super slow 7 1/2 way down 7 1/2 way up)

2. Bench Dips - 30 reps

Repeat for 5 sets

Super set
1. Incline Dumbbell Curls - 8 reps then hang with a 5 count twist then additional 4 more reps

2. Bench Dips - 30 reps

Repeat for 5 sets

Super set
1. Forehead Curls - 12-15 reps

2. Bench Dips - 30 reps

Repeat for 5 sets

Super set
1. Tricep Band Pushdowns - 25 reps

2. Bicep Machine - 25 reps

Repeat for 5 sets

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