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Breaking News on the ProSource Bar Includes New Flavor Launch and a New Award


Your Favorite Protein Bar Is In the News Again!

Hardly a week goes by without more exciting news on the ProSource Bar front, and this week we've got two sensational new developments to report.

As you're probably aware by now, there's a terrific new addition to the ProSource Bar flavor assortment. The French Toast Creme ProSource Bar is the pride and joy of the flavoring wizards in our Product Development Team. This delectable taste sensation has been painstakingly crafted to evoke that wonderful feeling you get when you indulge yourself in a hearty french toast breakfast – all that french toast flavor accented with just a hint of cinnamon!


ProSource Bar

Of course, the French Toast Creme bar has all the creamy, crunchy goodness you've come to love in every ProSource Bar, with its combination of crispy protein wafers, smooth protein filling and protein-enriched coating. And you can enjoy all that luscious flavor knowing that the ProSource Bar packs 15 grams of muscle-supporting protein powered by the highest quality hydrolyzed whey and cold-processed micro-filtered whey protein isolate. The ProSource Bar recipe is also based on a philosophy of nutritious, wholesome ingredients, with no inferior whey concentrate or soy, no sugar alcohols, and no indigestible filler fiber. The ProSource Bar is the perfect meal that will satisfy your cravings and fuel your active lifestyle!

A Prestigious Award From Canada's #1 Fitness Magazine

The accolades keep rolling in for the ProSource Bar! Earlier this month, we were proud to receive the Best New Protein Bar Award from Canada's #1 fitness magazine, Inside Fitness. In giving the ProSource Bar the prized Inside Fitness Seal Of Approval, the editors noted, "The highly anticipated launch of the ProSource Bar has finally arrived, and it does not disappoint. The bars are made with a high-quality protein blend filling to complement the light and airy wafer texture. leaving you wanting more."

Thanks for the good word, Inside Fitness editors! This award takes its place on the ProSource Bar trophy shelf next to the Editor’s Choice Award from Muscle & Fitness magazine, which also cited the ProSource Bar’s combination of superior protein quality and delicious flavor. And, of course, the editors of Muscular Development magazine were so impressed with the ProSource Bar that they created an entirely new award, the Innovation in Quality Award, to celebrate the achievement. In the words of the MD editors, “it’s a distinction that comes well-earned because the research and development team at ProSource has made a protein bar powered by the world’s best proteins, and they’ve made it taste absolutely fantastic.”


ProSource Bar on Sale

And know there's even more fantastic flavor to enjoy! The French Toast Creme ProSource Bar joins a flavor lineup that already includes the ultimate taste sensations Chocolate Peanut Butter and Double Chocolate Creme. And as long as we're on the subject of new flavors, here's a heads-up that there's a fourth new flavor on the way. What will it be? Keep an eye on and our on Instagram feed @teamprosource for the exciting news to come!

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