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Boost Fat Loss with Green Tea
The catechins in green tea have been shown to possess a variety of bioactive functions including increased fat breakdown and thermogenesis.   But whether these metabolic effects associated with drinking green tea translate into greater fat loss remains less clear. 
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When British researchers had overweight men and women consume green tea every day for 6 weeks, they showed significantly greater weight loss than a control group.  The study was conducted at a University Hospital where subjects were fed three meals per day and provided the experimental tea.  Half the subjects were randomized to a control tea group and half to a green tea group.  They consumed 20 ounces of tea two times per day for 6 weeks.  The green tea contained a total of 534 mg/day of catechins, compared to 162 mg/day in the control tea. There was no body weight of fat loss in the control group.  Despite consuming the same meals in the hospital kitchen during the study, the green tea group lost on average over 4 pounds of body fat.  Two weeks after discontinuing the green tea intervention, those subjects had maintained the loss in body fat and showed improved blood pressure and blood sugar levels.  This study adds to a growing list of positive effects of regular consumption of green tea. 

  Yang HY, Yang SC, Chao JC, Chen JR. Beneficial effects of catechin-rich green tea and inulin on the body composition of overweight adults. Br J Nutr. 2012 Mar;107(5):749-54.