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Body Basics Training For Strength and Size

Keep It Simple With These Targeted Training
Protocols and Achieve Your Physique Goals

If you’ve been training long enough, perhaps you are able to train instinctively and that’s a beautiful thing. But not everyone has the experience or intuition to be able to walk into the gym and just cobble together a routine out of the air based on what they think their body needs. In most cases, lifters tend to agonize over which exercises to use, which routines to try and which rep ranges will be best for their goals. But, ladies and gentlemen, it doesn’t have to be so complicated. When in doubt, it is always best to go back to basics.


Unless you are a stage-bound bodybuilder or physique competitor, excessive attention to smaller muscle groups like rear delts, forearms, traps and calves needn’t be such a prominent part of your split. The fact is that these groups get plenty of work -- even if indirectly -- by training foundational movements with the right level of intensity and regularity. For example, those who marry themselves to the pull-up bar for a single, high-volume session will find that their rear delts are just as hammered as their delts in the days to follow. That’s because the rear delts are a key muscle group in that vertical pull. But the pull-up provides more bang for the buck in terms of overall energy expenditure, hormonal release and potential strength gains. So really, spending a lot of time sweating the small stuff could leave you, well, smaller.

A better approach would be to adopt more of these types of exercises in your routine and make them your focus, increasing the volume to reap more of the body benefits. Peripheral exercises can still be included, but in this formula, their role is greatly minimized. Higher-rep sets following heavy work have been shown to create greater muscle breakdown and pave the way to greater gains in the long run.


Everybody wants bigger legs but most of us aren’t going to get them by plopping down into the leg press, or hogging the Smith machine. As ever, the surest way to appreciable thigh size is via the squat. So sticking to front (which emphasize the quads) and back squats (which emphasize the glutes) for the bulk of your workout is the most efficacious strategy.

When it comes to back-building, there’s no substitute for the deadlift. But because the king of all lifts involves so many different muscle groups working in concert to achieve max poundages, why not dedicate an entire day to them? This will allow you to target the “vanity” muscles of the back separately with greater vigor on another day. That’s right, two back days -- one for deads and the other a pull-up-focused day targeting lats.

What about chest day? Nothing wrong with benches -- they are still the best indicator of pressing power and straightest line to a killer set of pecs. But how often do you do dips? And if you do dip, how often do you dip with weight? Can you dip with weight? If the answer is no, you’re missing out. The best chests in history have always used a good mix of both presses and dips and we’re not looking to rewrite those chapters. We’re just suggesting a singular emphasis per session, with the two alternating movements in the top spot each week.

For shoulders, overhead presses remain the best mass- and strength-builder, but we’re recommending unilateral training, which has been shown to help your body produce up to 20 percent more force. Dumbbell raises in different planes are still beneficial, but you are limited on how much weight you can safely use. Train accordingly.

Arms grow by the old stand-bys as well. No breakthroughs there but your biceps and triceps can benefit from a narrower focus.

Try the following program for a few weeks to see your strength and size skyrocket. We apologize for your tightening shirts and blue jeans.

Day           Bodypart(s) Trained/Activity
1                          Legs + Delts
2                         Chest + Back
3                               Arms
4                              REST
5                             Deadlift
6                   Rest/Optional Cardio
7                               REST

Day 1
Exercise                                     Sets             Reps
Barbell Squat                               10                5-7
Bodyweight Squat                        4                  25
Single-Arm Overhead Press        10                5-7
Dumbbell Lateral Raise                4                 15

Day 2
Weighted Dip                                10               5-7
Incline Dumbbell Press                  4                 5
Weighted Pull-Up                          10               5-7
Underhand Pulldown                      4                15

Day 3
Barbell Curl                                    8                5-7
    -superset with-
Lying Triceps Extension                 8                5-7

Hammer Curl                                    Tabata
Triceps Pressdown                           Tabata

Day 5
Deadlift                                           10              5-7
Deadlift                                           1                20
Good Morning                                 4               15    

Choose a weight that brings about failure at the rep ranges listed.
Rest 2-3 minutes between your heaviest sets (5-7 reps) and 60 seconds or less on all other sets.


If you’re new to the iron lifestyle (or if you’ve been away for from the gym for a while), you’ll be looking to pair your Body Basics gym regimen with a good Basic Supplement Plan. Once you get up to speed, there will be plenty of time for you to gather information and make decisions about the more esoteric and exotic mass-gain and physique-ripping supplement technologies available to the advanced athlete.

In the meantime, you want to keep it simple. That means a high-biological-value whey protein, a superior form of creatine monohydrate, and a solid pre-workout product. In the same way that you’re emphasizing basic, high-impact exercises, you want to supplement with products that will fit within your budget while providing the utmost physique- and performance-enhancing benefit.

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How about creatine? Again, the choice is simple. Creatine monohydrate is the way to go (other, buffered, forms merely increase your cost while providing no added benefit) and Creapure® is the manufacturer to look for. ProSource has you covered here as well, as ProSource brand Creatine Monohydrate is 100% sourced from Creapure creatine monohydrate and ProSource’s volume-buying, direct-to-consumer model ensures you won’t find a better price.

When it comes to a pre-workout supplement, we suggest you get a little ambitious and go with an elite-quality product like BioQuest’s AndroFury. AndroFury contains a comprehensive matrix of dynamic energy catalysts that will have you tearing through a high-impact, high-output workout with power, aggression and focus to spare. Even better, its unique testosterone-charged formulation contains a full-spectrum, protodioscin-rich botanical compound that will support T-levels, ensuring that you are physically and mentally equipped to make the most out of every excursion onto the gym floor.


Every journey begins with a sure and certain first step. Stick to the basics, build a regimen that works for you, and expand it as needed to achieve your ever-evolving physique goals!

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