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Big Ron Marches On

Big Ron Marches On
Ronnie Coleman
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Bodybuilders come and go, but no one will ever replace Big Ron. Next week, when the Masters Olympia begins in Miami (December 7th and 8th), you can be sure that Coleman's legion of fans will be out in force to see the legend as he takes the stage for a guest posing stint. A few years removed from the last of his record-setting eight consecutive Mr. Olympia titles, Ronnie Coleman still draws enormous crowds wherever he goes around the world, whether for guest posings or special appearances as a celebrated ambassador for the sport he loves.

At the same time, preparations are already in high gear for the 17th Annual Ronnie Coleman Classic in Mesquite, TX. This event is well-established as a premier event on the NPC calendar and is assured of living up to the hype yet again in March of 2013.

Clearly, the legend never rests. Ronnie, of course, forever altered the standards of pro bodybuilding during his illustrious career, presenting a physique unprecedented in its sheer mammoth size and spectacularly chiseled and shaped definition. The result was a championship reign unrivaled in professional sports history, as the best and brightest stars of the bodybuilding world were reduced to battling for second place in the shadow of The Man himself, Mr. Coleman, for almost a decade.

Today, Ronnie is still seeking out new challenges on a grand scale, and is looking forward to introducing a new line of sports supplements in 2012 that will feature a peerless quality and effectiveness well-suited to bearing the name of the man whose name is forever associated with bodybuilding's greatest honor, the Sandow. We are now carrying the Ronnie Coleman Signature Series, featured online here at, so be sure and check it out!

We also got Ronnie to take a few moments out of his busy schedule to talk with us about recent developments in his busy schedule. Here's what he had to say.

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ProSource: Welcome back to, Ronnie. Let's get to it. Phil Heath just put his second Sandow trophy on the shelf. What impressed you most about Heath's physique in 2012? Do you think we'll ever see another eight-year reign of the sort that you and Lee Haney enjoyed?

Ronnie Coleman:
The most impressive thing about Phil's physique has always been his massive arms and shoulders. He's at the top of his game. I don't know that we'll ever see another eight-year reign, though. The pros' physiques today are so close to each other. No one seems to be so massively huge in comparison with each other. But then again you never know what will happen in these days of injuries and unknowns.

ProSource: You must already be preparing for the 17th Annual Ronnie Coleman Classic. What do we have to look forward to this year? How do you like the chances of last year's overall RCC winner Kevin Ofurum for a repeat?

Ronnie Coleman: We normally start really early, lining up sponsors for the next year's show. I look forward to more competitors than last year, when we had about 400. I also look forward to more fans, last year we had about 3,000. I don't look for the overall champion to repeat because I think by the time my show comes around, Kevin Ofurum will be a pro.

ProSource: Last time we talked to you, you were just getting back into the gym after spinal surgery. How's your return to form coming along? Are you approaching your massive competitive physique yet?

Ronnie Coleman:
I'm still recovering from my spinal neck fusion from last year. I think it will be another 8 to 10 months before I'm fully recovered. The doctors say it takes nerves about 2 years to regenerate after being compressed for so long the way mine were compressed to near destruction. Once they have regenerated I look forward to being Big Ron again.

ProSource: Your new Ronnie Coleman Signature Series of supplements is already generating big excitement among customers at What qualities in your line make them unique and special in the sports supplement marketplace?  How do they best reflect your own philosophies for achieving physique perfection?

Ronnie Coleman:
Here's how I explain it. The other day a guy asked me what made my supplements better than any others on the market. I told him I can sit here all day and tell you about all the quality ingredients we put in them, all the proven studies that have been done on them, and the great formulators we have working on our line, and how mine are great because I put the same hard work and dedication I put behind them that I put behind winning those record 8 Olympia titles. I can tell you all this stuff, but that's not going to make you buy them. So I said to him why don't you take these samples and try them yourself and then you tell me how good they worked for you, because my supplements are all about getting results. I'm not making them just to make money, I have a purpose behind making them. And that purpose is the desired result you aim to achieve. And you know what? He said to me, that's the best answer ever.

ProSource: Speaking of supplements, you've been a well-documented fan of ProSource for just about our entire 16-year history. What's most important about a supplement retailer for you? Service? Selection? Pricing? Knowledgeable customer service? Describe the benefits of the ProSource experience that keep you satisfied and coming back.

Ronnie Coleman:
Service, selection, pricing and knowledgeable customer service are always the main benefits of the ProSource experience. That's what has kept me satisfied and coming back all these 16 years.

ProSource: Last we heard, Masters Olympia in December has been moved from Prague to Miami and will be held December 7-8. We know you'll be guest posing there, but who do you think will win?

Ronnie Coleman:
Yes I will be on the Masters Stage but only to guest pose. I think last year's winner Dexter Jackson will repeat.

ProSource: Alright, the legend's pick is in! Thanks for sharing your time with our readers, Ronnie.

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