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Bicep Blasting

Bicep Blasting
The arms are a strange beast. They come in every size available and no matter what they look like, and as a general rule, people don't mind showing them off or posing them for their friends or the opposite sex.

In the hot months of summer, many people, man or woman walk the streets, beaches, parks and clubs with this particular body part exposed. Watch how the guys place close attention to tensing their life worth when their picture is being taken in an attempt to make their biceps appear bigger. Witness the woman cover their arms in toning creams combined with fat fighting gadgets in attempt to make them appear smaller. Simply put, generally, both sexes fight for different goals but both want the same thing ' better biceps!

The majority of people have different goals in regards to what reflection they would like to have staring back at them when they flex their biceps in the bathroom mirror. Above, I have just listed two of the most common ones, so, in the following article I will address how to obtain both of these goals but within the same training scheme.

I like to call this customized training ritual ' The Rack'. It has been named this term because it entails the trainee having to ascend up the weights rack before descending within a single workout. It has become relatively common knowledge to the weight training population that higher repetitions sway a more toning effect whilst the heavier/lower repetition persuades the muscle to grow, but with this in mind I want to make one thing perfectly clear before I continue my outline of this regime. To all my female subjects out there, please do not worry; you will not build big bulging biceps from this regime, however, it is imperative that you build muscle to tone it, you cannot tone around fat.

OK, let's get it started. The goal here is to attack the bicep from several different advantage points and take it away from its regular comfort zone. Firstly, I want you to select a barbell and load it with enough weight that will allow you fail at around 50 repetitions. By doing such high reps for the initial set will eradicate the need to warm up the joints and muscles because the chances of injury at such a high rep pattern are very slim to none.

Once completed and after a minute or so rest, more weight should be placed onto the bar which will allow failure to set in around the 35 repetition mark. Again this rep range will stretch the muscle's fascia and in turn, approve more blood to be allowed into the muscle. The red muscle fibers are being stimulated at this time which sculpts the attention to detail, thus the 'toning' effect.

The next weight selected on the barbell should target failure at 20 repetitions. At this time the muscle should be extremely pumped, and now 50- 80% more blood flow will be passing through the muscle. Nutrients will be shuttled at an impressive rate to this area and localized attention will promote the body's ability to repair this muscle as soon as possible. The faster a muscle repairs, the faster and better end result for you. As you will appreciate, the importance for readily available fuel (food) is extremely important so a predetermined nutrition plan should be in place.

The next set will be much heavier, allowing failure at around 12 repetitions. Attention to strict form should be high on your priority list when using this weight as all focus and isolation needs to be placed on the worked muscle, not on secondary or assisting muscles. The white muscle fibers are the ones mainly recruited with this poundage which is a perfect environment for muscle building and progressive strength. This particular set and the following are definitely the building blocks to bulging bicep peaks.

I recommend the next set to be done on a preacher bench to keep the form extra strict and to avoid any injury or unnecessary swing because this, the final set is going to be heavy. If there isn't a preacher bench available within your facility, then a leaning tightly against a wall will suffice. The failure repetition range will fall at around five reps. Blood, oxygen and nutrients are all now within the localized area of the bicep. The fascia of the muscle has been stretched to give adequate breathing space to the white fast twitch fibers that will be the primary movers of this set. Tendons and ligaments are as equally prepared to carry the force of the five repetition final set. Chances of injury are at its very lowest, possibility for growth is at its very highest.

Once you're final five repetitions is completed, so is the pyramid of five sets you have just endured. The fun part of the rack has yet to come. Once you have caught your breath and stretched out your biceps, I would like you to descend back down the weights for four sets following the same pattern in reverse, aiming for 12, 20, 35 and finally 50 repetitions to burn out your biceps. The weight selected will need to be lighter on the descending sets than on the ascending due to the setting of fatigue and the build up of lactic acid.

The practice of this program is recommended every fourth bicep workout in order to shock the muscle and prevent it from slipping into an environment which it is comfortable. Keep a diary of the sets and repetitions completed in the workout, compare and aim to improve on the next occasion you pursue ' The Racks'. The idea is to shock the muscle to tone, separate and build the muscle within the one workout, but try different regimes in between to keep the muscle guessing. Remember, do what you have always done; you will get what you have always got.

* Please note barbells do not have to be the application of force to this bicep manipulating workout. Dumbells, preacher benches and machines can be used as an alternative device.

Good luck!
Kris Gethin