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Better Golf, Renegade Style: Part 3
In continuation of my series on "Better Golf",I wish to draw attention to a few absolute "must" exercises. Each of these exercises is important for young and old golfers alike and can be done regardless of your general conditioning.

This point is in-fact crucial to look at for all professional trainers who work with a golf-based clientele because the sheer beauty of Golf is that we might start the game with cut-down clubs as a child but continue it throughout the later stages of life. One of the clear changes in our abilities as we age is shortening of the swing to which range of motion work is crucial. While I am prone to recommend a full program, I warrant that many will shy away for such but am pleased to note these two exercises will do wonders for your swing.

Borrowing upon my book on middle-aged health, "With Grace", the basic "torso twist" and "laying hamstring" are simple movements that can be done regardless of your abilities to some magnitude and virtually anywhere. Shown in its most elementary stage, each exercise will help loosen up the trunk, hips, hamstrings and glutes and promote a head start to overall back health. This is a critical aspect to performance because as we know, one of the greatest challenges is limiting the shortening of the swing as we age and equally shoring up weaknesses in the back that many Golfers are plagued with.

The first exercise is the "torso twist." A common exercise performed flat on your back with thighs pulled up such that they are perpendicular to the ground and your arms outstretched in a "t", palms facing up. Turn knees to one-side, touching the ground, whilst keeping arms in as much contact with the ground. Although in optimal situations it is best for shoulder blades to remain in contact, be patient as this isn't a competition and do your best. Repeat to both sides upwards of ten times. As we progress to advanced stages the individual will bring the knee (right) up the opposite hand, whilst pulling the (left) ankle back with (right) hand.

The second exercise is a "laying hamstring" exercise that while looking simple, does wonders for overall hamstring and glute flexibility. Laying flat on the ground, cross one leg over the other and draw supporting leg up and grasp the shin from both sides. Hold the stretch for over ten long breaths (i.e. plus thirty seconds) and then extend leg straight as you reach up for the foot. Continue with long stretch with same time duration and repeat to other side.

For avid Golfers, young and old, please implement these moves on a daily basis as well before playing.

Stay tuned for the next in the series of Better Golf.