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Several studies have suggested that meal replacements
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can help people better manage their caloric intake, lose weight and improve their health. However, few meal replacements have been studied in conjunction with a resistance training intervention. Moreover, little is known about how thermogenic supplements added to a meal replacement affect weight loss and body composition. Researchers at the University of Oklahoma had overweight men and women perform 8 weeks of exercise training consisting of resistance exercise and endurance training 3 days per week.  They all received a low carbohydrate/high-protein meal replacement that contained 220 kcal, 35 g protein, 6 g carbs, and 6 g fat. In addition, half the subjects received a multi-nutrient weight loss supplement consisting of a blend of purported thermogenic substances. After 8 weeks the combination of meal replacement and exercise training resulted in significant fat loss of just under 4 pounds while lean body mass actually increased by about 1.5 pounds. Measures of strength increased significantly in both groups as well. The thermogenic supplements did not induce additional benefit beyond that provided by the meal replacement and training. The study provides evidence for using a protein based meal replacement low in carbs in combination with resistance training to induce positive changes in body composition.
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