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Athletes Turn to the Remarkable Restorative Agent  Cissus Quadrangularis to Strengthen Joints
Recent studies link this versatile herb to a surprising number of health benefits

Ultra CissusDedicated athletes and bodybuilders are very familiar with joint discomfort, delayed onset muscle soreness, and injury due to training. These aches and pains are an unavoidable part of the bodybuilding lifestyle and can make life miserable for a few days to a few weeks.

Most athletes and bodybuilders have learned to deal with these training related pains for the sake of making progress. Although taking time off to recover means gains come more slowly, it's seems like a necessary evil.

But is it? Studies have shown Cissus quadrangularis may be the natural solution to faster post-workout and injury recovery times, while ongoing studies are beginning to suggest that CQ may play a role in a number of physiological processes related to increased muscle mass gains and even improved fat loss!

Cissus quadrangularis has been used in India for many years as a healing agent. Indian culture associated it with quickened healing in broken bones and other bodily injuries. It was used extensively by the bone setters for its healing attributes. Other healers used it to aid those suffering from mild digestive troubles and other maladies.

Is there more to Cissus Quadrangularis than meets the eye?

Fast forward a few hundred years to when the western world has discovered the wonders of this little plant. Some bodybuilders are swearing by this herb, and it's possible you should too.

Medical researchers theorize that the use of Cissus quadrangularis increases the body's collagen turnover rate. Collagen, a fibrous protein that makes up about 25% of your body, connects the many cells and tissues of your body together, including bone, muscle, tendons, and ligaments. Without collagen your body would literally fall to pieces.

Since training tears your body down, collagen is needed for tissue repair. An increased amount of available collagen will quicken the process of recovery, whether you're recovering from a workout or recovering from an injury. That means less time sidelined with sore or injured muscles!

There are further hints as to why Cissus quadrangularis might speed up recovery. When CQ is taken prior to exercise it reduces the amount of oxidative stress, or free radical damage, your body experiences. Why? Cissus quadrangularis is an excellent source of antioxidants, which help eliminate free radicals. Since workouts increase the number of free radicals your body produces, the antioxidants in CQ will help purge the body of these excess free radicals.

There's still more to this highly promising nutritional supplement. Cissus quadrangularis could actually increase your strength gains by controlling the amount of cortisol flowing through your veins while you train.

Cortisol is needed in small amounts by your body, but cortisol levels increase significantly during exercise. What's the problem with increased cortisol levels? Cortisol can inhibit the production, release, and absorption of testosterone by the body. Testosterone helps...
  • Build muscle
  • Prevent muscle from breaking down
  • Keep fat from accumulating on your body
When cortisol stops testosterone from doing its job, your muscles suffer. Since Cissus quadrangularis can keep cortisol levels down and your testosterone levels up, it may facilitate muscle and strength gains! Recently, new scientific research has begin to indicate that this neat little plant may also have a role to play in the weight loss and fat burning process. (Indeed, some diet aid manufacturers are starting to incorporate Cissus quadrangularis in their formulas.) Although these studies are ongoing and inconclusive as of this writing, there is great hope that CQ's highly synergistic support of athletic performance and physique enhancement is about to get a dramatic upgrade in the eyes of scientists!

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The capabilities of cissus quadrangularis are astounding, and many bodybuilders and athletes are putting cissus quadrangularis on their "must-have" list of nutritional supplements.

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Not surprisingly, given its remarkable effectiveness, a number of CQ formulas have been rushed to market in recent years, possessed of widely varying purities and potencies.  (This is also true of weight-loss formulations, which often contain undocumented amounts of unquantified CQ content.) Here is where a high-quality product like ProSource's Ultra Cissus really shines. ProSource Ultra Cissus is standardized for high active content and represents one of the purest and most bioactive forms available. Ultra Cissus contains 750 milligrams of a high-grade extract of Cissus quadrangularis standardized at 10% ketosterones, a dosage that is consistent with those used in clinical research.Spend less time on the sidelines and more time in the action. Give Ultra Cissus a try and discover for yourself the many benefits this nutritional supplement has to offer.