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You've seen him destroy countless opponents, and raise every championship belt the wrestling world has to offer over his head in triumph. Along the way, he's created some of the greatest stories ever told in the ring. Now it's your time to take on the most accomplished champion of all, Kurt Angle, one on one.

On Thursday, July 25th at 1pm, Kurt Angle will be taking your questions, no holds barred. Ask him about the toughest wrestler he ever faced. Who did he fear? Who did he respect? Ask him about what it's really like behind the curtains and beyond the spotlight of pro wrestling, the Greatest Show on Earth. Ask him about the feuds, the betrayals, and the triumphs he's been a part of in 15 years in the pro ring. Ask him about what it takes to win an Olympic Gold Medal.

Ask him about his training, his supplement line, his prospects for a comeback. Ask him about his movie career. Ask him how you can succeed in overcoming adversity and achieving your fitness, performance and sports goals. Ask him about life and how to live it.

Most importantly, post your questions in the comment field below. We'll pick the best questions, and Kurt Angle will take them on.