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You don't bring home the Sandow eight times in your illustrious career without learning a few things about training, supplementation, and life in general. Ronnie Coleman has seen and done it all on stages, in gyms, and in business, all around the world. On Thursday, 7/11 at 12:30pm EST, Big Ron will be here LIVE, bringing all of his wit, wisdom, and charm to, where he'll be answering YOUR questions.

Got a burning question about your training regimen? A specific exercise? Are you stuck on a size/strength plateau?

Do you need expert advice on nutrient timing? Essential supplements? How about what to eat, when, and why?

Ask Ronnie about Jay. Ask him about current champ Phil Heath. Ask him about life and how to live it.

Post your questions in the comment field below.
We'll pick the best questions, and Ronnie
will take them on, no holds barred.