AndroFury Ushers in a New Dimension of Performance Enhancement
Have you ever felt like your pre-workout formula was doing just half the job?

When you take a standard workout maximizer, you pretty much know what to expect. A vein-gorged muscle pump. Added energy. Sharpened focus. Staying power. You're ready to go out there and get some work done.

Feels good, doesn't it?

And yet, if being amped up and focused were all that was required, we'd all have pro-caliber physiques by now, wouldn't we? Clearly, there's something more to the mass-building equation--in terms of priming your body to derive the utmost in physique enhancement from every workout--that's been left out of all these interchangeable existing products.

The missing factor is testosterone up-regulation.
Increased endogenous levels of free testosterone are the essential precursor for just about every physiological end result of value to a bodybuilder. Strength. Power. Libido. Aggression. Muscle growth.

Without a firm foundation rooted in maximized T-levels, the most frantic workout frenzy is just a tempest in a teapot. Fortunately, those days are over now. For the first time ever, this new dimension is now available to you in a truly  revolutionary new pre-workout technology, AndroFury from BioQuest. AndroFury represents bodybuilding's first high-powered synergy of an elite T-boosting mechanism and advanced performance-optimizing catalysts.

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Compared to AndroFury, Those Other Ordinary
Pre-Workout Products are Just a Cup of Coffee

Until the arrival of AndroFury, no other super-premium pre-workout technology has directly targeted the master engine of all strength and power increase--testosterone. What took so long? It's important to remember that the entire pre-workout category is a fairly recent phenomenon. Thirty years ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger started his workout with a cup of coffee. Ten years ago, you could fit all the pre-workout products in the marketplace on a three-foot shelf. Since then, manufacturers have been content to feel their way along slowly, adding the most inexpensive ingredients to their products--caffeine, B vitamins, some amino content--and get by on hype. But the reality is that with most of those products, the key "active" ingredient has primarily been a hefty serving of caffeine with a number of other ingredients spritzed in for label dressing.

And then BioQuest entered the picture.

The BioQuest researchers knew that testosterone support was the missing piece of the puzzle. And not just any testosterone support. AndroFury is powered by the same full-spectrum protodioscin-rich botanical super-compound that world-class bodybuilders rely on to manipulate and maximize endogenous testosterone levels for greatly enhancing strength, power, and aggression. The inclusion of this elite T-boosting component is the step that ordinary manufacturers wouldn't and couldn't take to reach AndroFury's level.

In short, those other manufacturers were simply offering the cup of coffee, not the awe-inspiring anabolic power of testosterone.

Now don't get us wrong. There are a few pre-workout products out there that contain some marginal amounts of testosterone-support ingredients. But the dosages of those ingredients--raw unextracted Tribulus, fenugreek, zinc--are miniscule and essentially amount to nothing. Unfortunately they're window dressing, not credible science. And they don't exist in the same universe as the profoundly powerful, precision-targeted mechanism of testosterone support found in AndroFury's key ingredient. In fact, the potency of AndroFury's specialized protodioscin rich component is so high that it would easily rank as one of the most powerful stand-alone T-boosting products on the market.

Rocket Fuel for Workout Intensity Beyond Anything You've Ever Experienced

Rest assured that while the researchers at ProSource/BioQuest were incorporating a state-of-the-art T-boosting technology into AndroFury, they were also addressing the performance maximization aspect of their new product with all the due diligence they've grown famous for in recent years. Like all products from this company, it is clear that a lot of thought and detailed scientific investigation went into AndroFury, as each key active ingredient is formulated at optimal clinical-strength levels. This is not the case with many of the other products in this category. In fact, by simply analyzing the "proprietary blends" of many of those products, you can quickly conclude that many of the ingredients equate to little more than pixie dust. In contrast, our regard for formulating at bio-active potencies has clearly been a key reason for the popularity of the ProSource and BioQuest brands among elite athletes over the past decade.

AndroFury combines a high-yield, muscle-engorging pump complex with ultra-bioactive, premium-grade energy factors, then adds cutting-edge endurance enhancers and mechanisms to increase protein synthesis, focus, intensity, and recovery. Let's start with beta alanine. Research shows that supplementing with beta alanine increases muscle carnosine levels by more than 60% in a very short time. High muscle carnosine levels improve muscle function and performance through their ability to buffer skeletal muscle pH (acidity) during high intensity/fatiguing exercise.

Since one of the primary causes of fatigue during exercise is metabolically mediated decreases in pH (or acidosis), then it follows why increased intramuscular carnosine levels would be beneficial to bodybuilders. In fact, in a study conducted with resistance-trained men, 4 weeks of beta-alanine supplementation led to a 22% increase in the number of reps they could complete during an experimental resistance-training session (compared to a placebo group). Additionally, in athletes undergoing intense strength training, 30 days of beta alanine supplementation resulted in higher training volume and lower subjective indices of fatigue compared to those who took a placebo. Other studies have shown that beta alanine supplementation, combined with high-intensity training, increases lean mass along with other body composition improvements compared to a placebo.

And then there's the matter of skin-ripping vascularity. You want to hit the gym floor with an awe-inspiring muscle pump, and AndroFury is well-equipped for the task. Arginine-AKG leads to vasodilation and increased blood flow, and has been reported to stimulate mitochondrial synthesis. It also plays many other important roles to increase strength and workout intensity. It is involved in protein synthesis, the production of amino acids, creatine production, and the urea cycle. Its role in the urea cycle is essential to the removal of toxic ammonia from the body (which can occur with high protein intake), which protects cells and helps them operate more efficiently.

When supplemented alone, arginine-AKG has been reported to positively influence protein metabolism, but most importantly, research shows arginine-AKG promotes strength- and power-increases during training sessions. Research has shown that resistance training combined with arginine-AKG supplementation leads to greater bench press strength, greater peak anaerobic power, and increased plasma arginine levels. Thus, arginine-AKG has become one of the staples of all good pre-workout products.

And what about focus? AndroFury has you covered there as well. Tyrosine is the precursor to the production of important neurotransmitters like norepinephrine, epinephrine, and dopamine. These neurotransmitters play pivotal roles in fat-burning and weight-loss but also modulate mechanisms in the central nervous system associated with motivation, mood, attention, alertness, motor activity, and anxiety. Under stressful conditions (like when we train), levels of tyrosine may become depleted, which can induce fatigue due to limited neurotransmitter production. It has been shown that supplementing L-tyrosine before being exposed to stress can decrease fatigue and muscular discomfort, as well as elevate mood and alertness. At the same time, L-tyrosine works in a synergistic capacity with stimulants such as caffeine and thus represents an important addition to this particular formula.

AndroFury is Relentless in Addressing EVERY Key Mechanism of Performance, Recovery, and Physique Improvement

Of course, no high-quality pre-workout formula would be complete without the benefit of of added BCAAs and AndroFury has this covered as well. During intense training, muscles consume significant levels of BCAAs, which makes it extremely important to keep blood levels of these aminos high. And leucine, in particular, is considered the most important BCAA because it quickly activates muscle protein synthesis through a number of well-established mechanisms. Research has shown that BCAAs also reduce the catabolic hormone cortisol, improve workout intensity, and of course promote greater muscle recovery.

AndroFury also contains a number of other important scientifically based performance enhancing components such as L-Citrulline, glutamine, R-ALA, vinpocetine and caffeine. Beyond its energizing effects, there is evidence that pre-workout caffeine decreases muscular pain by nearly 50% during intense resistance training. Caffeine also helps mobilize fats into the bloodstream to be burned up during your workout, which not only burns fat, but provides energy to sustain exercise. In trained individuals, it has been shown that taking caffeine before you train increases muscular strength and time to exhaustion and decreases perceived exertion during intense training. AndroFury contains an optimal dosage of caffeine (250 mg) for performance enhancement.

Finally, to bring things back full circle to support of testosterone levels, AndroFury contains 800mgs of L-Carnitine L-Tartrate. Human studies show that LCLT supplementation augments LH release (a stimulus for greater testosterone production) and upregulates androgen (testosterone) receptor content in skeletal muscle of resistance-trained men. This dual effect of LCLT enables greater testosterone/androgen receptor interactions in trained muscle, thus amplifying training-induced anabolism.

In other words, this specific form of L-Carnitine can help to build more muscle mass by making endogenous testosterone in the body more biologically active. In support of this, a complimentary study by the same research group showed that LCLT supplementation reduced exercise-induced muscle tissue damage after squatting exercise. Also of high importance is the fact that AndroFury uses the exact form of L-Carnitine that was found effective in a recent study by researchers at the University of Connecticut. Beyond its anabolic effects, clinical research has also shown that LCLT increases fat burning (fatty acid oxidation) and reduces free radical production, which may act to prevent fatigue during training. AndroFury is the only product we've seen that makes a major contribution towards these effects with inclusion of such an important supplement.

Bodybuilding's First All-in-One Super-Potent
Testosterone Booster and Performance Optimizer

Simply stated, there's never been a pre-workout technology in the realm of AndroFury before. AndroFury simply has no equal when it comes to facilitating the kind of super-intense workouts that bust plateaus and force your muscle to grow, adapt, and grow again. And it accomplishes this while supporting the optimal hormonal bodily environment to turn that inspired workout into real gains and real results.

But even more important than all of this technical overview is the question of what real world effects AndroFury will deliver in the gym. This is where it excels perhaps beyond anything this category has seen to date. Our initial feedback from users has far surpassed that of any product we've sold since the original Xenadrine RFA-1 back in 1998. The fact is AndroFury is one of those rare once-in-a-decade products that yields tangible and truly dramatic effects almost immediately. One workout on AndroFury and you will begin to appreciate the significance of its extraordinary innovation.

With all of this said, keep in mind this is a very high powered product that may not be suitable for everyone. Because of its testosterone boosting component, it should not be used by women and/or by individuals under the age of 18. Read and follow all label instructions before using. Also, if you are competing in sanctioned sports, check with your organization to see if any ingredients in this product are not permissible. Higher than normal levels of endogenous testosterone in some sports organizations are grounds for disqualification.

AndroFury Q & A

QUESTION: What kind of direct muscle-building effect will AndroFury provide?

ANSWER: AndroFury contains a number of powerful components that can contribute towards muscle synthesis in important ways but this is not an area that has been fully evaluated yet and therefore is not the focus of our marketing for it. Our product development team designed the product first and foremost for the purpose of improving training intensity. Obviously high-intensity training is the single most important factor in the muscle-building equation. It is well established that even a small margin of increased intensity can stimulate very significant gains. In other words, by ramping up your workouts beyond the normal you can break past long stubborn plateaus and start seeing real gains again. This is the concept behind AndroFury (and in fact most all pre-workout products). We are confident that AndroFury will help dramatically elevate workout intensity on a consistent basis, which in turn should lead to very significant results (that is of course assuming proper nutritional intake, rest, etc).

Because of the initial positive response we're seeing from not only our own test panel members but now actual customers, we are in the process of lining up additional research to look at other aspects beyond just workout intensity including effects on body composition, hormonal response, and more. Stay tuned for more exciting details soon.

QUESTION: I got my first order of AndroFury yesterday and today I had one of the best workouts in a long time. Can I expect it to continue to work like this or will the results diminish like with other pre-workout products?

ANSWER: This is an excellent question that we seem to be getting asked quite frequently. In contrast to other pre-workout products, which have relied primarily on cheap stimulants like DMAA, yohimbine, PEA, etc, AndroFury is designed, in part, to target the body's own endogenous engine of strength and power, Testosterone. This means the results should not only hold steady over the long term but actually improve the longer you're using it. Although its protodioscin component begins to exhibit its mechanism of action relatively quickly, full effect may not even be realized for 2 or 3 weeks or more. Again this is in stark contrast to the previous generation of high stimulant pre-workouts which seem to run out of horsepower after just a week or two of using.

QUESTION: Does AndroFury contain any stimulants?

ANSWER: Yes, it contains 250mgs of caffeine for a full dose but it does not contain DMAA, Yohimbine, hordenine, tyramine, PEA, or other stimulants. These cheap stimulants not only have no research behind them with regard to ergogenic benefit but, worse yet, at high doses they can lead to jitters, headaches, and a host of other less desirable effects. In addition, many of those types of stimulants can lead to the dreaded adrenal crash within an hour or two of using them, leaving you feeling exhausted, anxious, and crawling out of your skin. AndroFury has specifically left those cheap counterproductive ingredients out as they simply have demonstrated no proven performance enhancement and instead have a host of downsides. Caffeine on the other hand is the single most researched performance-enhancing stimulant in existence today. AndroFury contains an optimal dosage of caffeine to help kick start AndroFury's workout inducing power. However, for this reason, remember not to use AndroFury prior to late evening workouts so that it does not interfere with sleep.

QUESTION: Should AndroFury be used on non-training days?

ANSWER: Assuming you train about 5 days per week, using it on training days only is fine.  To obtain optimal effect from the test-boosting component of AndroFury it should be used at least 5 days per week.  If you are training only 3 days per week and want to maximize the T-boosting support, you can use it an additional two days for a total of 5 days and then take two days off.   In this case, you should use it in the morning sometime after your morning meal.  

QUESTION: AndroFury certainly looks like a very hardcore product. How does all of that high potency affect its taste?

ANSWER: To be perfectly honest, this is an EXTREMELY powerful product enriched with the most potent natural source of protodioscin available anywhere in the world. As a result it will exhibit a somewhat bitter aftertaste. Obviously with this type of product, performance takes precedent over taste. Our product test team has evaluated a number of pre-workout formulations that taste absolutely great and in most cases their benefits end there. Unfortunately most of the best tasting pre-workout products taste as good as they do because they contain low levels of low-potency ingredients that will provide very minimal results.

In contrast, the AndroFury formula was designed to produce results that far exceed those of any other product of its kind. Once you use it and realize its full benefits, you'll see this sacrifice is WELL WORTH IT. The goal is to get you motivated to train with maximum intensity and that is precisely what AndroFury was formulated to do. So with this type of product always remember any aftertaste is gone in a minute but the powerful results will last literally for hours and that's what it's all about. For those that have a really sensitive palette, it can be mixed with a small amount of grape juice, which will mask any bitter note. Otherwise, just chug it down and get ready for a greatly enhanced workout.

Editor's Note: We look forward to your continued feedback. Please send any additional questions relating to this product to our editor, Harry Fessel.

If your question is published on our website, you will receive a free Ultra Premium ProSource T-shirt. Please include your full name and address.

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