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The Item: Legends Update, Career Updates, Andrew Oye's IFBB Pro Athletes Roundup

The Scoop: Just Announced: Legendary 8-time Mr. Olympia and retired IFBB Pro Ronnie Coleman launches an online sports nutrition venture. In a post, Coleman clarified, "It's an online nutrition company and not my actual line of supplements [Ronnie Coleman Signature Series], that will be released in a couple months."
The "So What?": For this venture, Ronnie Coleman partnered with a nutritional products marketer with over 25 years of experience in distribution and branding, who has also worked with martial artist and action-movie star Steven Seagal, WWF/WWE Superstar Pro Wrestling Champion Hulk Hogan, UFC Hall of Fame MMA Fighter Chuck Liddell, and other professional athletes. According to Coleman's press release: "The website, an online sport nutrition store, will feature over 170 major name brands and thousands of products. It will officially launch June 25, 2011, with a VIP ribbon cutting at Il Baccio Restaurant & Lounge in Delray Beach, Florida."

As reported in MUSCLE INK Magazine's "Andrew Oye's Pro-Muscle Report," Coleman remains a popular draw at his meet-and-greets, autograph signings and special appearances at various sports, bodybuilding, physique and fitness events, such as Joe Weider's Olympia Weekend and the Arnold Sports Festival's IFBB Pro Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic Bodybuilding Championships (which he won in 2001). Last month, he appeared at the BodyPower Expo UK, in addition to 6-time Mr. Olympia IFBB Pro Dorian Yates, IFBB Pro Rich Gaspari, IFBB Pro Flex Wheeler, IFBB Pro Dennis Wolf, IFBB Pro Roelly Winklaar, IFBB Pro Zack Khan, IFBB Pro Andy Haman, and IFBB Pro Flex Lewis,

Andrew Oye's Verdict: Conflicting reports are circulating about whether Ronnie Coleman will compete with other mature IFBB Pro League athlete at the upcoming 2011 IFBB Pro World Masters Championships (a.k.a. "The Return of the Legends") in December -- against proposed names such as 2008 Mr. Olympia IFBB Pro Dexter Jackson, 1983 Mr. Olympia IFBB Pro Samir Bannout, IFBB Pro Darrem Charles,  IFBB Pro Francis Benfatto, IFBB Pro Pavol Jablonicky, IFBB Pro Roland Cziurlok, IFBB Pro Toney Freeman, and IFBB Pro Troy Alves.

If Coleman competes after launching his line, it may be an opportunity for the veteran to physically show the benefits of his own products. On the other hand, IFBB Hall of Fame "King Coleman" has nothing to prove. At the "Super Bowl of bodybuilding," he tied IFBB Pro Lee Haney's record for the most Olympia titles and Sandow trophies, and he holds a seat among past multiple Mr. Olympia titleholders like IFBB Pro Larry Scott, IFBB Pro Sergio Oliva, IFBB Pro Frank Zane, IFBB Pro Franco Columbu, IFBB Pro Jay Cutler, Schwarzenegger and Yates. It might be wiser to simply leave his legacy and best onstage memories intact.  

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